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Getinge Poladus 150

VH2O2 Low-temperature sterilizer for heat-sensitive surgical instruments. 

The high perfomer for a seamless workflow!

The high performer for a seamless workflow

This reliable and easy-to-use VH2O2 low-temperature sterilizer maximizes throughput of heat-sensitive surgical instruments. It offers high instrument turnover due to a combination of fast cycles, a large chamber capacity, and consistent and accurate results.

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Intuitive operation

Unique user-interface and user-friendly design allow to be operated by staff at any experience level.

Sterilization performance

Ensure single and dual-channel endoscopes ready for the next surgery thanks to fast, reliable, and consistent cycles.

Short process time

Poladus 150 efficiently sterilizes a range of surgical instruments, including non-lumen, flexible, and rigid lumen instruments, ensuring peak safety and compliance.

Accurate results

Getinge provides a full range of consumables designed to enhance every stage of your workflow in the CSSD. 

Real-zone separation

Cross-contamination barrier function as air pressure differential seals to prevent HAIs in your facility.

Seamless workflow

A comprehensive system of monitoring tools, indicators, and on-demand service and training ensure that your sterilizer is delivering the results you need.

Get connected

Get easy access to the data you need to ensure uptime and performance.
Ensure compliance with real-time data logging and storage

Getinge Services

We offer services support to achieve the best possible uptime of your Getinge Poladus 150 low-temperature sterilizer.

Technical data

Descriptions Dimensions
Exterior dimension (W x H x D) 785 x 1,797 x 920 mm
Loading height upper shelf 1,198 mm
Loading height lower shelf 1,008 mm
Sterilant loading height 1,180 mm
Chamber size single door (W x H x D) 475 x 421 x 761 mm
Chamber size double door (W x H x D) 475 x 421 x 769 mm
Chamber volume (single door / double door) 152 l / 154 l

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