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Getinge Assured Multi-Incubator

13 incubation wells

The Getinge Assured Multi-Incubator is designed for incubation of the Getinge Assured EZTest® Self-Contained Biological Indicators, EO Biological Indicators or Smart-Read Biological Indicators.

The incubator features an integrated thermometer for easy temperature reference. In addition to the 13 incubation wells, it has an activation well for crushing the Getinge Assured Biological Indicators.

* Not available for sales in the USA.


Getinge Assured Multi Incubator offers:

  • Small and compact
  • Built in thermometer and integrated crusher
  • 10 hours incubation of Smart-Read Biological Indicators
  • 24 hours incubation for EZTest® Biological Indicators Steam
  • 48 hours incubation of EO Biological Indicators
  • 3 temperature settings - 37°C, 57°C and 60°C

Technical data

  Order No.
Getinge Assured Multi-Incubator 504054700
Getinge Assured Self-Contained Biological Indicator Steam 504053900
Getinge Assured Self-Contained Biological Indicator EO 504054000
Getinge Assured Smart-Read Biological Indicator Steam 504054100