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Mattias Perjos

Mattias Perjos, President & CEO

Lars Sandström

Lars Sandström, CFO

Anna Romberg

Anna Romberg, EVP Legal, Compliance & Governance

Carsten Blecker

Carsten Blecker, Chief Commercial Officer

Elin Frostehav

Elin Frostehav, President Acute Care Therapies

Eric Honroth

Eric Honroth, President Life Science

Stephane Le Roy

Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows

Jeanette Hedén Carlsson

Jeanette Hedén Carlsson, EVP Communication & Academy

Magnus Lundbäck

Magnus Lundbäck, EVP Human Resources & Sustainability

Agneta Palmer

Agneta Palmer, Executive Vice President Operational Services

Joanna Engelke, EVP Quality Compliance, Regulatory & Medical Affairs

Joanna Engelke, EVP, Quality Compliance, Regulatory & Medical Affairs