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Support healthcare professionals in their pursuit of saving lives

We offer world-leading products and solutions for life support and therapies in acute health conditions, including intensive care, cardiac and vascular surgery as well as vascular interventions.

Help improve results and recovery

We develop advanced clinical solutions with the goals of improving therapy results, achieving more rapid recovery and enhancing quality of life for patients in intensive care and surgery.

Help ensure patient safety

We provide solutions designed to enable a high level of clinical safety and quality in central sterile supply departments and operating rooms, empowering facilities to minimize the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. We offer cardiovascular therapies and solutions that aim to enable more effective interventions, where patients experience better outcomes and faster recovery.

Contribute to improve health & well-being

As a medtech company, we contribute with our therapeutic innovations with the goal of considerably improving the health and well-being for all at all ages.

Help improve accessibility

We are committed to helping ensure that patients have easy and rapid access to the best possible healthcare. We do this by providing for example digital solutions to increase efficiency and tailor-made financing to ensure that caregivers have the tools and support they need as they strive to improve and save lives.