COVID-19 Resource Center

Healthcare professionals can find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

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Virtual Events and Live Webinars

Due to COVID-19, all events for Getinge United States will be virtual attendance for the forseeable future. Many familiar and famous shows have likewise adapted, and are offering immersive virtual experiences, product showcases and educational opportunities you may visit from your own home. Check back often, as we'll be adding new shows and informative live webinars as they become available!

Upcoming Virtual Events

Due to COVID-19, all current Getinge events have gone virtual! Explore familiar and new shows to find out how you can attend virtually from the comfort of your home. Browse virtual product showcases of cutting edge Getinge solutions, and experience high-quality educational sessions offered by these events.

Webinars and Online Events

Upcoming webinars and other single-occurence scheduled online events.