DPTE-BetaBag® - Single-use beta bags based on the DPTE® System (RTP)
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Optimize your production with a single-use DPTE® transfer solution

The DPTE-BetaBag® is a solution for safe, fast, and contamination-free transfer of components to maintain high-speed production.

The DPTE® system is based on the interaction of an Alpha part with a Beta part – each fitted with a door, a lock, and a sealing function.

Single-use Tyvek and PE DPTE-BetaBag® filled with components
Single-use 105 Tyvek DPTE-BetaBag® Tyvek filled with components
Single-use 190 PE DPTE-BetaBag® filled with push-fit vial closures

Based on the DPTE® System - the original rapid transfer port (RTP)

When it comes to securing aseptic transfer, only the original DPTE® system from Getinge gives you the confidence you want and the quality you need.

DPTE® brings you the highest level of production and patient safety, a flexible and cost-effective process along with the assurance of rigorous validation and reliable expert support.

Getinge develops, manufactures, and supports complete RTP solutions:

  • DPTE® Alpha ports 
  • Single-use DPTE-BetaBag® and reusable DPTE® Beta Containers
  • DPTE® Transfer Trolley for both bags and containers
  • DPTE® Transfer Leak Testers (TLT) 

Watch the video to view the DPTE® System used in the fill-finish process.

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Validated to comply with international regulations, the DPTE-BetaBag® is used in various applications in aseptic and contained production.

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Component Transfer

Environmental Monitoring

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