Externally operated and automated DPTE® rapid transfer port
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DPTE®-EXO Alpha Port

Open the door to the future

The DPTE-EXO is an automated and externally operated rapid transfer port and provides a secure, reliable, and automated transfer solution.

Its external opening function was designed to significantly reduce the risk of contamination with gloveless rapid transfers while its connectivity offers a greater degree of traceability and data analysis.

DPTE-EXO Alpha port from the inside of the filling line
DPTE-EXO Alpha port from the outside of the filling line
An operator transferring components using the DPTE-EXO automated transfer port

Ensuring product, process and operator safety

  • Automated rapid transfer port with external opening
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater degree of connectivity and transparency
  • Complete traceability and data analysis
  • New levels of flexibility
  • Easy to use, user-friendly

Supporting the pharma industry transition

Pharma 4.0 is changing the way goods are produced, and the pharmaceutical industry is now increasingly shifting to integrated, automated, and gloveless production systems. The DPTE-EXO is an externally operated rapid transfer port and provides a secure, reliable, and automated transfer solution.

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An operator opening the DPTE-EXO alpha port from the outside

Automated processes improve operational efficiency

  • Operational efficiency with reduced manual intervention.
  • External gloveless transfer reducing risk of contamination.
  • Full control of all movements.
  • Configurable opening angles and funnel positions to your needs.
  • Repeatable movements for better control of the line and process environment.
An operator transferring caps using the DPTE-EXO automated alpha port

Be certain with full data traceability

  • Track operational quality and monitor RTP’s status, operating hours, faults, and other events to provide a comprehensive view of operations for auditing and preventive maintenance.
  • Configured to receive information from the filling line such as an emergency stop and/or safety light curtains.
  • Full connectivity with a connection to the filling line’s HMI.
An operator using the DPTE-EXO portable maintenance display

Creating new levels of flexibility

With the Portable Maintenance Display:

  • Gain full command of the fine-tuned door and funnel positioning.
  • Adjust the DPTE-EXO’s movements (speed, angles) according to your specific needs.
  • Switch the alpha port from automatic to manual mode for corrective or preventive maintenance or in case of an emergency.

Externally operated and automated rapid transfer port

Extensive validation to ensure compliance

Thorough validation process including:

  • leak testing,
  • endurance testing,
  • shipping testing,
  • particle generation,
  • and H₂O₂ resistance testing.

Designed to be integrated into an architecture in accordance with:

  • FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • Annex 11

GAMP 5 Compliant

Supporting the need for gloveless processes

Getinge has developed a sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag reducing human intervention in the aseptic environment. The sleeve has been removed and its protective functions are now replaced by the funnel.

The DPTE®-EXO with Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag® is a fully validated and interlocked system. Together with the dismountable funnel, it offers a total transfer solution from the outside of the aseptic filling area to the processing area.

An operator connecting a sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag to a DPTE-EXO rapid transfer port

Sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag

Beta and alpha ports join to form a single validated unit when connected by rotation. The FDA-compliant silicone lip seals form a secure connection, allowing the door to be safely opened without breaking sterility or containment. The manually connected sleeveless DPTE-BetaBag comes in RTS (Ready to Sterilize) or RTU (Ready to Use) depending on the bag material for minimum human intervention, increased efficiency, simplified component transfer, and reduced risk of contamination.

Caps component going through the DPTE-EXO's funnel

Optional dismountable funnels

The DPTE-EXO is the first and only RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) with a fully integrated funnel. To meet specific needs we offer a long and a short funnel. The funnel protects the alpha/beta seals and its patented FAST system (Funnel Add-on for Smooth Transfer) allows efficient component transfer to the process area (feeder/bowl). It can be positioned above or below the DPTE door. The dismountable funnel can be easily, safely, and quickly released with one hand, and the assembly is fully autoclavable.