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Welcome to the Getinge Ventilation Summit: Management of the Neonate!

Thank you for joining our live event in the Getinge Experience Center in Frankfurt. Below you can find the recorded sessions.


Getinge Neonatal Ventilation Summit Videos 2023


Getinge neonatal ventilation summit
day 1

  • Volume guarantee mode in patients with ARDS. PRO - Prof. David Tingay, Australia
  • Volume guarantee mode in patients with ARDS. CONTRA - Prof. Martin Kneyber, the Netherlands
  • Respiratory support of the neonates in extremal environment. Experience from Ukraine. - Prof. Denys Surkov, Ukraine
  • HFOV and excessive humidity prevention Workshop - Edita Almonte

Getinge neonatal ventilation summit
day 2 part 1

  • Patient case from Portugal - Rui Silva, Portugal
  • Role of Neonatologist in management of babies with established BPD - Dr. Sandeep Shetty, UK
  • HFOV: illustrative cases - Prof. De Luca, France
  • NIV synchronisation. Patient case. - Dr. Francesco Cardona, MSc, Austria

Getinge neonatal ventilation summit
day 2 part 2

  • NAVA case studies in Newborns - Kimberly Firestone, USA
  • Mechanical ventilation in newborns based on own experiences - patient case - Prof. Jan Mazela, Poland
  • Use of NAVA in the reduction of cases of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the ICUn - Dr. Ana Gomez, Colombia

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