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Upstream bioprocessing

Creating the right environment for optimal growth of cells and bacteria is key to the development of life-saving products like vaccines all over the world. Lots of research and experiments are needed to find the right recipe to grow microbes and cells. Bioreactors are essential in this upsteam bioprocess to ensure a closed, sterile environment for these laboratory applications.

Getinge offers Applikon bioreactor systems that support scientists to optimize their bioprocess and to scale-up their process to higher volumes.


The diversity of applications calls for a diversity of solutions. Discover how our bioreactor systems can support both the pharmaceutical industry and industrial biotechnology.

Pharmaceutical industry

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Vaccination is the most effective method to prevent infectious diseases. The demand for vaccines has been increasing as a result of epidemics, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The growing demand for vaccines requires specialized tools that allow flexibility and scalability. This is important for reducing the time-to-market and thus achieving global vaccination goals as soon as possible. Getinge has several solutions to optimize vaccine development throughout the entire development process, from strain screening to production. Over the years, we have designed and built vaccine production systems that are used all over the world today.

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Biopharmaceuticals, such as hormones and monoclonal antibodies, differ from traditional therapeutics in the sense that they are produced using bacteria, fungi, or other cells. However, the cost for R&D of biopharmaceuticals has been increasing for several years, which slows down the development process. In order to speed up the development of biopharmaceuticals, single-use screening platforms and flexible bioreactor designs are required. In addition, improved techniques, such as perfusion, allow you to maximize your production yields and lower your operating costs. Getinge has the right tools to support the development and production of biopharmaceuticals that enable you to work under GMP conditions.

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Regenerative Medicines

Regenerative medicine can repair or replace cells, tissues, or organs that have been damaged by any type of cause, such as injury, disease, or age. These therapies can fulfill clinical needs that are unmet by traditional medicine. Different types of regenerative medicine, such as cell and gene therapy, CAR-T therapy, and stem cell therapy, have been evolving recently. The demands in this market are continuously changing, making flexibility extremely important. Moreover, efficient scale-up is critical for the commercialization of these therapies. Getinge offers flexible solutions that enable the rapid development of processes in the regenerative medicine industry.

Industrial biotechnology

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Food & Beverages

Microorganisms are commonly used in many food processes, such as alcohol fermentation, as well as production of vitamins and food additives. Companies in this industry often aim to improve their production yields by optimizing the producer strains. Getinge provides several products that can easily be used for screening and development of these fermentation processes. In addition, Getinge supports new markets, such as alternative meats, which have emerged recently and are rapidly developing towards a commercial target. We offer flexible and scalable solutions that support the rapid process optimization and commercialization of these emerging products.

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Chemical synthesis has several disadvantages, such as being unsustainable and requiring large amounts of energy. Instead, numerous bio-chemicals can be produced using microbial fermentation. These bio-chemicals can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as cosmetics, nutrition, and plastics. Development of these new bio-chemicals requires specialized tools in order to make these processes economically viable. The Getinge Applikon bioreactor systems can be adapted to a variety of biochemical product processes with scalable outcomes, in order to support the rapid development of new molecules and increase their marketability.

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Sustainability considerations as well as the depletion of fossil fuels has sparked global interest in renewable fuels. Biofuels, produced from biomass, are one of the largest sources of renewable energy. Since the market is dominated by large fossil fuel companies, it is challenging to make these processes economically feasible. The Getinge Applikon bioreactor systems enable the optimization of your bioprocess and achieve lower operating costs in bench scale experiments that can be used to mimic production scale dynamics.

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