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Getinge 46-series

Front view of the Getinge 46-series washer-Disinfector
nurse using the Getinge 46-series
Getinge 46-series washer-disinfector with open door
nurse using trolley for the 46-series washer-disinfector

Getinge 46-series

A reliable and efficient washer-disinfector, with suitable accessories to meet your demands for up to 10 DIN trays. 

Visión general

Getinge 46-series washer-disinfectors combine hygienic and ergonomic solutions with well-proven technology for maximum user safety. Choose between two, four and five levels, depending on the type and quantity of items you need to process.


Well-proven technology

Specially developed to match the needs of dental clinics, surgical departments, all the way up to larger central sterile supply departments, the units clean and disinfect most kind of items on four or five wash levels. Each level consists of a removable shelf and spray arm, and can be adapted to individual needs.

Flexible loading equipment

Easily customizable wash carts ensure individual processing needs are met perfectly and adapt the same wash cart for many different purposes. Just rearrange it for the sizes, volumes or types of load you need to process for the moment.

Download the Loading equipment brochure

Features & Benefits

High washing capacity

Getinge 46-series Washer-Disinfectors offer a large chamber size with a minimal external footprint giving you a higher throughout without increasing floor space. The Getinge 46-5 model has space for up to five levels of instrument wash carts. Getinge 46-4 has space for up to four levels of wash carts.

Folding door

A folding door frees floor space while improving ergonomic position and loading height of the wash cart

Easy to use

The display uses plain language to explain what’s happening in every stage of the washing and disinfecting processes. Simply select one of the 6 pre-set programs and press the start button. 

Ergonomic handle

An easy-grip makes it simple and ergonomic to open and close the door, minimizing the risk for strains. 

Technical data

Measurements - internal
Model   46-4 46-5
Wash levels (up to) pcs 4 5
Chamber volume (gross) L / Cu ft 280 / 9.88 305 / 10.77
Chamber volume (effective) L / Cu ft 201 / 7.1 225 / 7.94
Chamber width (effective) mm / in 550 / 21.65 550 / 21.65
Chamber depth (effective) mm / in 620 / 24.4 620 / 24.4
Chamber height (effective) mm / in 590 / 23.22 660 / 25.98
DIN 1/1* trays/load pcs 8 10
SPRI I** trays/load pcs 8 10
* = DIN 1/1 = 480x250x50mm      
**=SPRI I=450x340x70mm      
Measurements - external
Model   46-4 46-5
Width mm / in 650 / 25.6 650 / 25.6
Depth mm / in 690 / 27.2 690 / 27.2
Height (with and without dryer) mm / in 1,860 / 73.2 1,930 / 76


Instrument wash carts

Modular design and interchangeable parts make it easy to adapt the carts to a wide variety of instruments and other goods. Carts can be expanded with modules for tubular instruments, bowls, shoes and anesthesia accessories.

2-level wash cart

This 2-level wash cart with accessories is optimized for MIS which gives flexibility and better access while loading instruments.

MIS modules

The system consists of MIS modules in four different shapes, enabling you to configure your loading equipment to meet your requirements. 


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