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Instrument trays

Instrument trays

Stackable stainless steel instrument trays.

Visión general

The stainless steel wire provides optimal cleaning and disinfection results while preventing instruments to penetrate the sides of the tray. Full water coverage of the instruments inside the washer-disinfector is assured as water can easily pierce through the wire net.

With or without lid

Like most of our accessories, the instrument trays are easy to clean and designed for flexibility. They can be used through all phases of instrument reprocessing: washing and disinfection, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection and packing, sterilization, storage, and distribution. 

Easy to clean and disinfect in a washer-disinfector

Self-drying after disinfection with hot water

Outstanding precision for safe operation

Stackable – easy operation

Technical data

ModelSize (mm)Size (inches)
Instrument tray (SPRI/ISO) 250x170x70 9,84x6,69x2,76
  340x250x70 13,39x9,84x2,76
450x340x70 17,72x13,39x2,76
Instrument tray (DIN) 240x250x50 9,45x9,84x1,97
480x250x50 18,90x9,84x1,97
Perforated instrument tray (DIN) 240x250x60 9,45x9,84x2,36
480x250x60 18,90x9,84x2,36


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