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MetaVision Perfusion

Screen metavision perfusion
Heart-lung machine hospital environment
Metavision perfusion screen

MetaVision Perfusion

Advanced patient data management system that supports perfusionist workflow

Visión general

Getinge is focused on helping perfusionists spend less time on documentation and increase their focus on patient care.

Safe. Accurate. Dedicated for perfusion.

MetaVision Perfusion is an advanced point-of-care Clinical Information System
designed to support perfusionist workflow. The system automatically retrieves
data from the heart-lung machine and other devices and and enables perfusionists to document vital information during surgery and heart-lung support.

Using the system, clinicians can easily document critical events, identify and
react to aberrations and institute best practices. Accurate documentation
increases compliance with quality measures and expedites reporting for
hospital management and national standards.

A cooperation from iMDsoft and Getinge

Getinge offers extensive expertise and a comprehensive perfusion product line covering the needs of all medical disciplines in cardiac surgery. We are partnering with iMDsoft, a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems
for critical, perioperative, and acute care environments, to complement our product line and offer a state-of-the-art software solution. 

To learn more about iMDsoft, visit


One system, one place for all the data

  • Continuously and automatically record data from all connected medical devices
  • Quick and easy manual data entry from non-connected or non-electronic devices and events by default action buttons (e. g. fixed drug dose, manual gas blender, free comment, defibrillation etc.)
  • Displays data during procedure by providing all the relevant patient information in one place
  • Replaces paper charting and subsequent input in database
  • Stores data for further processing: reports, statistics and more
  • Ensures data is comprehensive, chronological and consistent
  • Automatic report generation based on case data for key performance indicators


Streamlined and accurate documentation

  • Compatible with all standard clinical solutions – utilizing the communication protocol in accordance with the international standard HL7
  • Meets the requirements for Electronic Medical Records
  • Streamlines reporting for hospital management and national standards
  • MetaVision Perfusion driver library includes more than 250 different medical devices from multiple vendors
  • Scan barcodes quick and correct
  • Ease of use, fast learning curve


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