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Servino - iNO delivery system

servino product photo

Servino - iNO delivery system

Delivering therapy when it is critical

Device for accurate, safe delivery and monitoring of inhaled Nitric Oxide for all patient categories

Visión general

While responding to a patient in distress, you need to react quickly. The Servino device is built to provide precision and accuracy to your NO delivery, enabling you to focus on your patient.

Delivering safe treatment is vital, that’s why we have a highly advanced
NO delivery and monitoring device. It delivers nitric oxide (NO) – a vasodilator – in harmony with many validated ventilators to improve oxygenation, trying to prevent more invasive treatment.


On-screen help, with images and text, makes for a quick and easy setup, allowing for a faster response to your patient.


You can deliver a clinically relevant NO dose, and NO, NO2 and O2 levels are clearly displayed and trended for 72 hours for careful monitoring.


The controlled, monitored reduction of NO levels helps you safely wean your patient, reducing the risk of the rebound phenomenon and harm.

Securing your investment

Ensure maximum uptime

Optimizing your equipment's services is often an untapped opportunity to maximize productivity and reduce costs. Our Getinge Care service offering will ensure that your equipment always perform at peak levels allowing you to focus on what’s important - saving lives.

Read more about Getinge Care

High quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables designed for highest possible patient safety and ease of use – all to help secure your everyday operations.

Learn more about our consumables


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