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First STERIZONE VP4 installations in Europe

Getinge has achieved a breakthrough in the low temperature sterilization market with the first European installations of TSO3’s STERIZONE VP4 sterilizer.

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Getinge and TSO3 are currently cooperating on the first European installations of the STERIZONE VP4 sterilizer at leading healthcare institutions in Spain and the Netherlands. The installation work is being implemented by Getinge with support and service training provided by TSO3. The STERIZONE VP4 installations also provide a first look at future integrated technology solutions for the European market, as they include T-DOC connectivity and the Independent Monitoring System.

STERIZONE VP4 provides new, leading-edge low temperature H2O2 sterilization technology distinguished by exceptional mixed load capability and high load capacity. STERIZONE VP4 can sterilize longer endoscopes and larger loads (up to 75 lbs) than competing low temperature technologies.

Low temperature sterilization is a strategic growth market for Getinge. We are a global supplier of low temperature sterilization equipment offering a comprehensive portfolio including the GSS67F sterilizer based on a formaldehyde-based sterilization process, Stericool’s H2O2 sterilization solutions for CSSDs and TSO3’s Sterizone VP4.

STERIZONE VP4 is manufactured by TSO3 Inc. in Canada, an innovator in sterilization technology for medical devices in healthcare settings. Getinge has the exclusive distribution rights for STERIZONE VP4, and has since end-January 2018 strengthened this partnership where TSO3 Inc. will start to distribute the STERIZONE VP4 to defined customers in the United States and Canada.

“Low temperature sterilization is an important part of our offering for our customers and a strategic growth market for Getinge. We firmly believe that TSO3’s leading-edge technology adds considerable value to our portfolio and this has been confirmed by the first STERIZONE VP4 installations in Europe. TSO3 has been working with us on site, supporting us all the way to ensure these first installations are a complete success”, says Carsten Blecker, Chief Commercial Officer Getinge. “Our goal is to establish a larger installed base and increased market share of the STERIZONE VP4, while accelerating adoption of the low temperature technology globally.”

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