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An innovative low temperature sterilizer system that utilizes the dual sterilants of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H202) and ozone (O3) to achieve terminal sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive medical devices including complex multi-channel long flexible scopes.


STERIZONE VP4 is the only low temperature sterilizer that can process a mixed load of general instruments, single or double channeled flexible endoscopes, and single or double channel rigid endoscopes, in the same cycle.

Its pre-programmed cycle removes the guesswork and potential risk for human error as there is no need to sort instruments and choose the appropriate cycles as with other machines.  This ability to run mixed loads significantly reduces labor costs by minimizing the amount of instrument sorting required.

STERIZONE VP4 is manufactured by TSO3 Inc. in Canada.

Technical Data

Single door
Double door
External dimensions (WxDxH) mm 775x1235x1918 775x1130x1930
Internal dimensions - Chamber volume liters 125 125
Weight (kg) 565 626