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On leaving the washer-disinfector, the clean (but not sterile) goods enter the clean zone for sorting, inspection and packing. For these tasks, Getinge has a full range of practical and easy-to-use equipment that can be adapted to suit different requirements and capacities.

Getinge Clean detergents

Getinge Clean detergents

Getinge Clean is a complete and comprehensive range of cleaning detergents, providing maximum performance along with efficient and economical throughput. In addition, Getinge provides expert consultation services to help you optimize your dosage levels, improve your processes, and assist with product selection.

Getinge Assured wash monitoring products

Make sure it is sterile - with the Getinge Assured indicator range

Routine use of our Getinge Assured wash monitoring products provides you with independent verification that the cleaning process is effective and consistent. As a final assurance of cleanliness, we offer a full range of residual protein tests for surfaces and instruments – including hollow lumens and scopes.

Getinge 86-series washer-disinfector. S-8668T turbo version. Nurse loading


Getinge offers a wide range single and pass-through washer-disinfectors, known for superior cleaning and disinfection. All models offer excellent load capacity in a small footprint.

Getinge packing table

Inspect and pack

Our tables and accessories have been developed for flexibility, ergonomic comfort and cleanliness. They are designed especially for the packaging area, with smooth surfaces that are ideal for sorting and inspection of surgical instruments.

Save time and minimize disruption with automation with Getinge solutions in the CSSD

Keep staff safe and productive

The Getinge Automation System for washer-disinfectors maximizes efficiency. Safely transport soiled instruments through cleaning, disinfection, inspection and packing. 

Getinge service car and technician in parking garage

Getinge Services - Caring for those who care

Getinge offers services and expertise to improve workflows, equipment uptime, staff and patient satisfaction.

Digital Health Solutions

Getinge’s software solutions offer you tools for greater consistency and efficiency, enabling hospital staff to focus on delivering the best patient care. Our solutions can be configured to fit a health care provider’s specific demands, ultimately improving the experience for patients and staff.