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Support customer goals

We take steps to empower our customers to reach their sustainability goals. One way we do this is by looking at how we can meet make our products and solutions as resource efficient as possible. This involves reducing water and energy consumption and the use of anesthetic gases.

Foster ethical business practice

We train all our employees in business ethics and responsible leadership. The main purpose is to enable and inspire all employees to demonstrate responsible leadership and to foster an open and transparent culture. Our commitment to promoting and ensuring responsible business conduct extends to the development and implementation of related internal global initiatives and principles, including stipulating the precautionary principle and due diligence.

Find financing solutions

To help boost productivity and thus increase patient accessibility, our highly experienced consultants will work with customers to find the right financing solutions and explore new models and financing sources.

Optimize workflows and processes

We optimize surgical workflows so that operating rooms are consistently used to their full capacity. This includes architectural planning and service solutions as well as patient flow management systems.

Provide knowledge and training

Skilled and motivated people are at the core of all successful healthcare. Our education and training solutions bring together healthcare professionals from all over the world, offering advanced clinical and technical programs. We offer both classroom training and online, available on-demand, training through our customer training portal Getinge Educational Institute.

Maintain constant stakeholder dialogue

Our stakeholder dialogue is a continuous practice in our day-to-day work that involves employees, customers, partners, investors, governments and regulators.

Take responsibility for impact of supply chain

Our primary commitment is to deliver value to customers, and this includes ensuring that suppliers live up to the high standards required of a supplier to the healthcare industry and to us. The Business Partner Code of Conduct defines our ethical principles and requirements that stakeholders are expected to comply with when doing business with us.