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Strive to increase access to healthcare

Our purpose is to make life-saving technology accessible to more people. We do this by providing for example digital solutions to increase efficiency  and tailor-made financing to ensure that caregivers have the technical and therapeutic enabling tools and support they need as they strive to improve and save lives.

Help fight the leading cause of death

Many of our products and solutions help healthcare and life science professionals battle cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading cause of death globally, according to WHO. ( We offer cardiovascular solutions that aim to enable more effective interventions, solutions designed to enable patients to experience better outcomes and faster recovery, today and in the future.

Safeguard the production of medicines

Part of our offering helps pharmaceutical companies to guarantee the efficacy of the lifesaving medicinal solutions they produce, by protecting against microbial and particulate contamination.

Support biomedical research

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and technical expertise in research and production of pharmaceuticals that help customers to optimize their processes in their ambition to fight disease by developing vaccines, antibodies and enzymes.

Prevent laboratory contamination

With our range of laboratory and biomedical washers, sterilizers, automated handling systems and bioreactors, we help ensure contamination-free experiments and tests. 

Help meet future healthcare challenges

Our products and solutions contribute to meeting the challenges posed by growing populations and longer life expectancies. For example, our OR Management solutions that plan, manage and optimize the surgical flow for maximized resource utilization and enhanced coordination.