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Getinge GSS67H

Getinge GSS67H

A steam sterilizer reducing your utility consumption but boosts your throughput.

A reliable and high capacity steam sterilizer that improves your throughput and reduces your utility consumption for a safe and efficient operation.       

Getinge GSS67H is designed to provide faster instrument availability to a lower total cost. You can cut process time by up to 30% and reduce utility consumption and thus improve your environmental profile while saving money. It is better for both your patient and our planet.    

Get more done with a lot less

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getinge GSS67H Sterilizer

Quality in every detail

Thanks to its small footprint and adherence to international standards, the new Getinge GSS67H sterilizer fits easily into most existing CSSD lines. Our experts will be happy to review your needs and your present CSSD configuration with you and design a customized solution that enables you to upgrade your system – and boost your throughput – at a low cost and with minimal disruption.

Features and benefits

Content Processing time is up to 30% faster, giving maximum throughput. Thanks to the automatic start-up, the sterilizer is ready to use when you need it.

Highly innovative interface ensures easy operation and optimum throughput. Full functionality with or without gloves.

A taller chamber – complemented by a unique sliding door design – gives you up to 33% greater load capacity.

Uses as much as 95% less water and 25% less energy than comparable sterilizers.

Monitors and records all cycle performance data – with instant access via the CENTRIC user interface. Records can be printed, stored and read by sterile supply management and traceability solutions.

Technical data

Model   10 13 17 20
Chamber volume -1 (single door) L/ Cu ft 468 / 16,5 609 / 21,5 796 / 28,1 -
Chamber volume -2 (double door) L / Cu ft 468 / 16,5 609 / 21,5 796 / 28,1 937 / 33,1
Chamber width mm / in 660 / 26" 660 / 26" 660 / 26" 660 / 26"
Chamber height mm / in 700 / 27" 1/2 700 / 27" 1/2 700 / 27" 1/2 700 / 27" 1/2
Chamber depth mm / in 1000 / 39" 3/8 1300 / 51" 1/4 1700 / 66" 7/8 2000 / 78" 3/4
STE   6 8 10 12
ISO   6 9 12 12
SPRI   6 9 12 12

Daily Machine Release

In accordance with International requirements (EN ISO 17665-1) the Bowie-Dick test remains the benchmark for the daily testing of the mechanical function of your vacuum assisted steam sterilizer. This test includes challenging for effective air removal and steam penetration thereby releasing your sterilizer for its daily use.

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Load Release

The Load Release products provide you the assurance that the correct conditions required for effective sterilization have been achieved in the chamber.

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Smart Loading Trolleys for sterilizers

Loading and distribution trolleys for sterilizers.

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Getinge Automation System for Sterilizers (AGS)

Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for sterilizers.

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Getinge GSS610H

The GSS610H Sterilizer will keep your sterilization department operating at peak performance, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

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Getinge HS33-series

High capacity in a small footprint

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Getinge HS44-series

For high capacity at point of use

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Getinge HS55-series

Reliable and easy-to-use steam sterilizer

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