Closure Processing System (CPS)

Closure Processing System (CPS)

Providing an unbroken chain of sterility for closure processing


Getinge Closure Processing Systems (CPS) provides an unbroken chain
of sterility, for efficient processing of all types of closures in conjunction with medium and high-speed filling lines. The basic design principle is to minimize manual handling and intermediate transfers during washing, rinsing, sterilization, drying and transfer to point of use.

How it works

The system is based on mobile MPVs (multi-purpose vessels) that hold the closures and can be transferred between the processing unit and the filling machine. Multiple MPVs are normally used to ensure that sterile closures are always available. During the washing part of the process, the closures are subjected to agitation of sterile filtered air passing through water, and the constant water overflow ensures continuous removal of particles.

Maintained sterility

To maintain sterility, the filling machine can be enclosed in an isolator. An optional lift-and-turn station enables MPVs to dock with the isolator filling machine through a DPTE Rapid Transfer Port System. Alternative discharge methods, including a bagging system, are available for conventional clean-room applications to the point of use.

Getinge's Closure Process System is built to meet standards of quality and safety, while providing maximum uptime and a safe working environment.

Providing an unbroken chain of sterility for closure processing

Minimizes manual handling/intermediate handling

Based on mobile multi-purpose vessels to hold closures during transfer

Optional lift-and-turn station enables docking with isolator filling machine via DPTE/RTP connection


 Closure processing

Clean, sterile and dry closures, particularly rubber stoppers and plungers, are vital components of parenteral packaging. Getinge Closure Processing Systems (CPS) is one of the several solutions Getinge offers for processing closures. Read more about closure processing...