Lancer ULTIMA series Freestanding Laboratory Washers

Lancer ULTIMA series Freestanding Laboratory Washers


From quality control to general laboratory research, Lancer ULTIMA series washers meet space and budget requirements in laboratories performing a range of critical applications where clean labware is essential.

The Lancer ULTIMA series freestanding washers include six high-performance models that offer a range of labware loading options using baskets, injector racks or combina­tion racks for the best high capacity processing of multiple labware types in the industry.

The exclusive Prolux programmable microprocessor control­ler commands a full range of prewash, wash, rinse and drying functions through simple touchscreen menus on all ULTIMA series washers. The convenience of four preset programs for light to heavy loads simplifies operation, while more complex programs can be customized whenever needed to meet specific applications.

An optional View-In-Process (VIP) window includes an interior LED light for visual verification of the interior load during the cycle.

The high performance, high temperature cleaning process is managed with preset or user defined programmable cycles.

Stainless steel top and bottom spray arms and two levels of injection washing ensure thorough spray coverage.

Technical data

  910 LX 1300 LX 1400 LX 1400 LXP 1600 LXP 1800 LXA
Chamber Width (mm) 535 535 626 626 703 1100
Chamber Height (mm) 544 644 773 773 858 793
Chamber Depth (mm) 520 520 629 629 678 526
Weight (kg)
Control Interface Prolux Prolux Prolux Prolux Plus Prolux Plus Prolux Plus
HMI screen size 3,5" 3,5" 3,5" 7" 7" 7"


Choose from up to 60 different injector racks, pipette racks and baskets. All racks are interchangeable between the washer lower and upper levels.

Application areas

Labware Cleaning & Sterilization

Both process development and quality assurance laboratories require clean and sterile laboratory utensils and glassware. Getinge offers cleaning and sterilization solutions for many labware applications. Read more about labware cleaning here: Labware Cleaning & Sterilization.