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GMP Washers Loading Equipment

Ensure cleaning efficacy with flexible loading solutions

Standard and customizable wash rack solutions for efficient loading of components and equipment used in biopharmaceutical production processes.

Various rack for GEW cGMP Washer
Filter housing rack for GEW cGMP Washer
Operator loading a cGMP GEW Washer

Modular Rack Solutions for GMP GEW Washers

  • Ensure optimal cleaning of glassware and production components
  • Standard rack solutions including configurated modules
  • Customized design


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Washracks multiple shelves

Sanitary design for biopharmaceutical production

Getinge GMP wash racks are designed to meet the sanitary demands of biopharmaceutical producers. The water recirculation system in the racks is sloped to eliminate water retention that can result in contamination.

Sanitary spray systems combined with injection outlets ensure complete and uniform coverage of both internal and external surfaces of processed items.

Modular rack

Modular design offers loading flexibility

There’s no need to replace an entire rack when processes or parts change. Modular GMP wash racks give your biopharma production facility the cost-effective flexibility to process a wider variety of items.

Modular GMP wash racks are built on a standard base frame. One or more modules can be inserted into the frame to create custom configurations that meet your process requirements. Modules are easier to handle than complete racks, reducing operator strain.


Customized design for precision cleaning

In a GMP-validated cleaning and drying process, fluids must reach all surfaces of the processed item.

Experienced Getinge designers use 3D CAD modeling and 3D printing to design and development. These models test a broad array of scenarios to ensure that every corner and cavity of your items are thoroughly cleaned.