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Axius Coronary Shunt

Designed to create a nearly bloodless field and provide myocardial protection during target vessel anastomosis.

Axius Coronary Shunt designed to create nearly bloodless field and provide myocardial protection during vessel anastomosis

Optimize your procedure

Axius Coronary Shunts from Getinge help optimize operative conditions by maintaining distal blood flow during coronary revascularization procedures.

  • Reduces blood in the operative field by temporarily shunting blood away from an ateriotomy.
  • Maintains distal blood flow through the arteriotomy during anastomosis, helping to minimize ischemia.
  • Promotes a clear work area at the anastomotic site.

The Axius Shunts allow for smooth insertion into the vessel and adequate perfusion of blood through the shunt. The circular tab, attached by a thread to the shunt shaft, is easily grasped to remove the shunt. In addition, the tab clearly displays the shunts diameter size and its radiopaque, thereby easily located within the surgical site. 

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