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Rotaflow II System

Proven strength. Reinvented.

The Rotaflow II System is a reliable, high-quality extracorporeal life support (ECLS) system that gives you the flexibility you need to provide quality patient care.

Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) with the reliable, high quality Rotaflow II
Rotaflow II user interface, with familiar elements, is easy-to-use and intuitive to operate.
The lightweight Rotaflow II Compact Holder attaches the Rotaflow II Drive and the PLS-i oxygenator

The Rotaflow II system drives, controls, and monitors extracorporeal support for these critically ill patients. It’s light and portable enough to be used for intra-hospital transport.

The Rotaflow II system can be used for both veno-arterial (VA) and veno-venous (VV) ECLS / ECMO. VA-ECMO supports both, the heart and lung in the case of cardiac and or respiratory failure, while VV-ECMO offers therapy to patients who have severe pulmonary insufficiency and cannot be supported using conventional ventilation strategies. Both ECMO approaches can serve as a bridge to recovery or further treatment.

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Design of the Rotaflow II Base Unit

Modern plastic housing

Together with the Compact Holder, the Rotaflow II Drive and the primed PLS Set, the newly designed base unit weights approx. 11 kg, which is significantly less than the previous models.

Improved usability

All elements that can or must be operated by the user are highlighted in yellow. Users can immediately see where they have to touch to be able to carry out a command.

Simplified service and assembly concept

Minimal number of preventive maintenance parts (e. g. battery), this ensures a cost-effective product life cycle.

Compact and user-friendly holder concept

Compact and user-friendly holder concept

Intra-hospital transport

The Rotaflow II design is small, light, and flexibly integrates into the workplace. Reliable intra-hospital transport.

Compact and reliable

The concept attaches the Rotaflow II Drive and the PLS-i oxygenator to a single Compact Holder.

Flexible handling

The Fixation Point allows flexible positioning of the Compact Holder close to the patient.

Improved and simplified user interface

The user interface, with familiar elements, is easy-to-use and intuitive to operate. A simplified user interface is more user-friendly and can shorten the learning curve, for reliable use of the system.

Supporting features such as a step by step priming wizard guides (A) and assists during the setup of the device, the connection and priming of the PLS Set as well as a functional test, if required.

The advanced alarm management with supplementary information and guided assistance (B) supports you in better troubleshooting and patient management.

The redesigned Rotaflow II Drive

The hot-plug capability of the Rotaflow II Drive ensures immediate exchange during operation.

Hot-swap capable drive

  • The hot-plug capability of the new Rotaflow Drive ensures immediate exchange during operation.
  • Colour-coded parts help the user to immediately recognise where to operate the device. As well as a new plug connection, it also helps to avoid confusion with old drive versions.
  • Use of external flow bubble and bubble sensors.

Battery management concept

Rotaflow II offers a more sustainable and consumption-controlled replacement of batteries by the customer. The concept enables the customer to calibrate and replace the systems batteries, without Getinge intervention.

The user interface provides a clear overview for monitoring the battery charge level and the health status of the battery.

Both calibration and battery replacement can be handled in-house by trained hospital employees, cost-effectively and predictably for significantly reduced downtime.

Rotaflow-II battery pack

Features in connectivity

Getinge Rotaflow II interfaces to external devices with an alarm outlet connection, serial ports and Ethernet.

Interfaces to external devices

  • Electrical interface for transmission of alarms to an external system e.g. nurse call.
  • Ethernet network connection and serial interface RS232 for transmission of application and device data to external systems.