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Getinge Consumables offer an overarching range of products to ensure that your sterile reprocessing is safe and efficient. From detergents to monitors and packing solutions, Getinge Consumables give you consistent and repeatable results through every step of the sterile reprocessing cycle.

Clean it –

Cleaning and Disinfection

Getinge Clean offers a wide range of cleaning agents for the most demanding instrument cleaning tasks, such as pretreatment, complex minimally invasive instruments, prions (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), and biofilm.

Seal it –

Packaging and Sealing

Getinge Packaging and Sealing offers the correct packaging for every sterilization process. Packaging plays a crucial role in providing an effective microbial barrier and ensuring safe sterilization.

Assure it –

Monitors and Indicators

With Getinge Assured, you can be certain that your instruments meet your specifications. This broad offering provides you with the added assurance that your instruments are clean and sterile as expected.

Getinge Consumables in the CSSD

Getinge Consumables in the CSSD

1. Getinge Clean Pre-treatment Foam

Prevents drying of soiled surfaces before cleaning

The Getinge Clean Pre-treatment Foam is used principally for spraying stainless steel instruments and other utensils after usage and before being transferred to the CSSD.

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2. Chemistry products throughout the hospital

Following the OR, instruments are moved to the soiled zone.

Advised as a daily routine, wash monitors provide independent verification that the cleaning process is consistently providing the desired cleaning result such as the removal of blood components and microorganisms.

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3. Wash Release Monitors

An important step in sterile processing

Advised as a daily routine, wash monitors provide independent verification that the cleaning process is consistently providing the desired cleaning result such as the removal of blood components and microorganisms.

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4. Cleaning Chemistries

Why is cleaning so important?

Cleaning is considered the most important step in instrument reprocessing. Whether an item is being reprocessed manually, in a ultrasonic, or in an automated washer chemical detergent is an important factor for successfully removing any debris on the item´s surface.

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5. Packaging Solutions

Why are Sterile Barrier Systems important?

Sterile Barrier Systems are essential for reprocessing of medical devices. They allow medical devices to be sterilized and are intended to keep them sterile up to the point of use.

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6. Getinge Proseal

Perfect seal even with big and bulky pouches

Getinge Proseal Plus and Proseal Premium Rotary Sealers are designed for user-friendliness and can easily master high-volume operations for packages of all sizes.

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7. Sterility Assurance

From the OR, to the OR

Routine use of our Getinge Assured Indicators provides you with independent verification that the sterilization process is effective and consistent.

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8. Bowie-Dick Type Tests

Machine Release Monitors

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Getinge Packaging and Sealing – ensure an effective sterile barrier

Getinge Sealing equipment

Sterilization rolls and pouches

Easily and safely enclose medical devices intended to be sterilized in steam, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide or formaldehyde sterilizers. When used in combination with Getinge Sealers, the rolls and pouches are sealed in an automated process that ensures repeatable and effective sealing results.


Packaging and sealers

Providing the right microbial barrier

Getinge Assured Wash Monitors and Indicators – ensure sterilization and patient safety

Getinge Assured US Sterility Products

Clean and sterile equipment with Getinge Assured

Diagnostic monitoring products help you to check the effectiveness and safety of your instrument reprocessing. The Getinge Assured product range provides you with the added assurance that your equipment is clean and sterile as expected.


Sterility Assurance

For accurate and consistent results


Consumables – for accurate and consistent results

Getinge is the expert in creating a seamless workflow of instrument reprocessing. We can help you develop a streamlined and cost-effective process, from the moment the instruments have been used, to the moment when they are safe and ready to be used again. When you need to deliver the safest surgery for your patients, we are with your every step of the way.

Optimizing sterile reprocessing is about timing and control. Through innovation and experience, we share our services, expertise, and integrated solutions that help improve your workflows. So that you can keep saving lives. In a never-ending process – A Circle for Life.



In collaboration with customers worldwide, we have created a handbook on How to make Sterile Reprocessing more sustainable. We have carefully listened to the customers’ thoughts and experiences of sustainability within Sterile Reprocessing to deliver customer-centric, tangible communication.

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