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Fusion Bioline

Fusion Bioline

Fusion Bioline

Heparin Vascular Grafts

Dual-layer construction: ePTFE and PET layers. By adding the benefits of heparin to the unique Fusion dual-layer construction, the Fusion Bioline Graft sets a new standard for peripheral bypass treatment.

Visión general

Fusion Bioline Vascular Graft is constructed of two layers

The inner layer is comprised of ePTFE. The Bioline heparin coating is bonded to this inner layer with albumin, the main blood protein. The outer layer is a knit polyester textile. These two layers are fused together with a proprietary polycarbonate-urethane.


Diameter   Length Reference
5 mm 40 cm M00201501045B0
5 mm 80 cm M00201501085B0
6 mm 20 cm M00201501026B0
6 mm 40 cm M00201501046B0
6 mm 60 cm M00201501066B0
6 mm 80 cm M00201501086B0
7 mm 40 cm M00201501047B0
7 mm 80 cm M00201501087B0
8 mm 40 cm M00201501048B0
8 mm 60 cm M00201501068B0
8 mm 80 cm M00201501088B0
10 mm 40 cm M00201501041B0
10 mm 80 cm M00201501081B0

Helix Supported    

Diameter   Length Reference
5 mm 40 cm M00201503045B0
5 mm 80 cm M00201503085B0
6 mm 40 cm M00201503046B0
6 mm 60 cm M00201503066B0
6 mm 80 cm M00201503086B0
7 mm 40 cm M00201503047B0
7 mm 80 cm M00201503087B0
8 mm 40 cm M00201503048B0
8 mm 60 cm M00201503068B0
8 mm 80 cm M00201503088B0
10 mm 40 cm M00201503041B0
10 mm 80 cm M00201503081B0

All grafts are fully supported except 3 cm on one end.

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