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Introduction to IABC therapy: Essential training for healthcare professionals

This 1.5 hour web seminar is designed for healthcare professionals with a strong understanding of hemodynamics who will be directly responsible for the care of patients requiring IABP therapy. The program is comprised of 3 modular components consisting of theoretical, clinical, and technical considerations for a patient requiring IABP therapy.


  • Identify three indications and three contraindications for IABC therapy
  • Describe the two physiological effects achieved by the mechanics of inflation and deflation of the IAB as it relates to the cardiac cycle illustrated by an augmented arterial pressure
  • Discuss the operation and troubleshooting of the IABP

The following modules are required pre-requisites and need to be completed prior to attending this training:  

*complete the IABP eLearning module that corresponds to the IABP model used at your hospital/facility.

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