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Covid-19 Resource Center
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Operating Room

How Artificial Intelligence can improve your OR management

Featuring Dr. Thomas Ramolla, Head of OR management at Klinikum Stuttgart, Germany & Matthias Rath, Getinge - Director Product Management & Business Development OR Solutions & PFM

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Getinge sponsored symposium during EA21

Anesthesia & ICU ventilation techniques during transplant surgeries by Prof. Khaled Yassen & Prof. Giacomo Grasselli

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Getinge Global Neonatal & Pediatric Educational Webinar Series October 28th, 2021

Prof. Mark Twite : ICU ventilation performance in the OR Prof. Javier Garcia Fernandez : Recruitment maneuver for neonates and pediatrics in the OR

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Getinge Global Neonatal & Pediatric Educational Webinar Series November 4th, 2021

Prof. Ehrenfried Schindler: Anesthesia techniques for child heart surgeries Prof. Mark Twite: Lung recruitment during congenital cardiac surgery

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Getinge Global Neonatal & Pediatric Educational Webinar Series November 11th, 2021

Prof. Mukkader Orhan Sungur : Low flow anesthesia for pediatric  patients Prof. Laszlo Vutskits: The safe conduct for pediatric anesthesia.

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2021 Recruitment Maneuver webinar series_April 6

Recruitment maneuver: why and how Featuring Prof. Javier Garcia-Fernandez from Madrid, Spain & Prof. Carlos Ferrando-Ortolà from Barcelona, Spain.

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2021 Recruitment Maneuver webinar series April 12

Getinge live demo and why hemodynamics play a role Featuring Mikael Petrini Getinge from Sweden & Prof. Jan Benesh from Plzen, Czech Republic.

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2021 Recruitment Maneuver webinar series April 20

Lung recruitment for special patient categories Featuring Prof. Walid Habre from Switzerland & Dr. Peter Baur from Switzerland.

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Cardiovascular Procedures


Complex Aortic Surgery in Times of EVAR

Complex aortic surgery in times of EVAR featuring Prof. Xavier Berard, Dr. Morad Sallam & Dr. Ross Milner

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Advanced aortic root surgery techniques

Advanced aortic root surgery techniques featuring Prof. Gebrine El Khoury, Prof. Laurent de Kerchove & Dr. Mauro Del Giglio

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Getinge symposium at CIRSE Summit 2020

Evidence based care in aorto-iliac occlusive disease treatment

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Getinge AIOD webinar

Aortoiliac occlusive disease… Do we have a consensus in treatment?

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Intensive Care

Extracorporeal Life Support

Euro-ELSO Virtual ECMO Day Sponsored Symposium

A global view of ECMO during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ecmo during COVID pandemic

Live event on January 27th 2022 - will be made available on demand.

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Getinge ECPR Webinar

Randomized ARREST trial by Dr. Dimitri Yannopoulos ECPR - a cherry on the cake of complex resuscitation care by Prof. Jan Bělohlávek Shifting the limits: a nationwide prehospital ECPR program ​by Dr. Dinis Reis Miranda

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Mechanical Ventilation

Getinge ventilation summit: Management of the neonate

Non-invasive respiratory support for the neonatal patients featuring Kimberly S. Firestone, Dr. Callander & Prof. De Luca  Invasive respiratory support for the neonatal patients featuring Prof. El-Farrash, Prof. Surkov, Dr. Lemson & Prof. Stein Rescue therapies for the neonatal patients featuring Prof. Rimensberger & Prof. De Luca 

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2021 NAVA® Webinar Series Prof Villar

NAVA mode in adult with Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF). NAVIATOR Study Pros and Cons.

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2021 NAVA® Webinar Series Dr. Ling Liu

Difficult Weaning from Ventilator: NAVA as a helpful technology by Dr. Ling Liu, Nanjing - China

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2021 NAVA® Webinar Series Dr. Philip Hopkins

How to improve the outcomes of patients at risk of prolonged ventilatory support: Insights from RESTUS trial by Dr. Philip Hopkins, London - United Kingdom

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2021 NAVA® Webinar Series Dr. Irene Telias

Lung and diaphragm protective ventilation with Edi monitoring and NAVA by Dr. Irene Telias, Toronto - Canada

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Patient-ventilator asynchrony

Learn more about the Hiroshima University study and experience

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Advanced Patient Monitoring

Covid-19 case presentation by Prof. Manu Malbrain

Hemodynamic monitoring and ventilatory management

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Hemodynamic Monitoring Beyond Basic by Prof. Manu Malbrain

Importance of working with advanced hemodynamic monitoring in the ICU

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Intensive Care Unit

2021 Combined Webinar

Ventilation, Advanced monitoring and ECMO in COVID-19 patients  by Prof. Giacomo Grasselli (Milan, Italy) & Dr. Henrik Endeman (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

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Getinge Symposia @ISICEM 2021

Advanced technologies to manage severe ARDS patients by Prof. Fernando Suarez Sipmann (Madrid, Spain), Dr. Henrik Endeman (Rotterdam, Netherlands) & Prof. Alain Combes (Paris, France) Challenges and solutions in the treatment of COPD patients by Dr. Lise Piquilloud (Lausanne, Switzerland), Prof. Xavier Monnet (Paris, France) & Prof. Marco Ranieri (Bologna, Italy)

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Life Science

Optimize your fill-finish process by integrating single-use systems

by Anneke Evers - Sr Director, DPTE® Sales & Market Support, Getinge & Chuck Raye - Mobius® Final Fill Product Manager, Merck

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Aseptic Transfer - Minimising the contamination risk

by Charles Daviau - Global Application Specialist, Life Science & Gabriel Peyras - Technical Sales Engineer, Life Science

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Cellular Agriculture - The Future of Food

by Imko Gaastra - Product Manager, Getinge Life Science & Dr. Mariana Petronela Hanga - Lecturer Biochemical Engineering, UCL

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