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INSIGHT Surgical

Surgical nurse registers surgery progress in the INSIGHT patient flow management solution to optimize information flow and maximize hospital resource utilization

INSIGHT Surgical

Easy surgery scheduling and prioritization

INSIGHT Surgical supports the workflow in the Surgical Department, offering complete overviews of operating rooms, personnel and patients, and visualizing the day’s surgery schedule along with the current status of all ongoing surgeries. Information about changes and cancellations are shared immediately, allowing all parties to adjust accordingly.


INSIGHT Surgical helps you maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources in the Surgical Department with easy communication between coordinators, ORs, and collaborating wards and units.

Key Evidence

Research shows that INSIGHT has a proven impact on patient throughput, resource utilization, and on the general stress level in and across departments. Below are some of the benefits found in evaluation studies across a number of hospitals.

4% productivity gain in hospital Surgical Department

4% productivity gain in the Surgical Department


15% increase in operating room utilization

15% time-efficiency increase in
operating rooms with INSIGHT

 39% reduction in phone calls to the Surgical Department

39% reduction in phone calls in the Surgical Department

Overall operating room utilization of 88% 

Overall operating room utilization increased from 82% to 88% with INSIGHT

Key Benefits

Hospital porter picks up patient after surgery, updating the INSIGHT patient flow management solution on the go

Optimize the surgery flow with real-time schedule updates

Real-time updates of the surgery schedule along with an overview of the current situation in the different operating rooms and quick information-sharing with cleaning and porter services allows coordinators to make the right adjustments and ensure a better flow in the Surgical Department.

When surgeries are delayed or finish early, INSIGHT allows coordinators to update the schedule and inform porter staff so they are ready to move the patient as soon as the surgery finishes. Cleaning staff can be notified as well, so they can take over when the patient leaves the operating room.

Surgical cleaning assistant registers operating room cleaning in INSIGHT patient flow management

Easy access to OR flow updates

With INSIGHT, hospital personnel in and outside of the Surgical Department get real-time visualizations of the surgery schedule along with information about the current progress of ongoing surgeries.

Whether you are in the intensive care unit, recovery ward or a bed ward, INSIGHT ensures that you are better prepared for the patient, even before he or she leaves the operating room. INSIGHT also allows porter and cleaning staff to follow the surgery progress and know exactly when their services are needed.

Hospital surgical staff discuss surgery schedule and planning based on information from the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Surgery schedule visualizations

INSIGHT visualizes the surgery schedule of the day in calendar overviews that are simple and easy to decode. With just a touch of a finger, you can adjust the schedule for each of the operating rooms in accordance with changes in the current situation and to make room for acute inbound patients. And with the system's inherent push-functionality, INSIGHT is automatically updated across all screens within a few seconds.

Hospital bed ward staff discuss patient coordination, bed capacity and discharge process via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Efficient information-sharing without disrupting the workflow

With INSIGHT, information and knowledge sharing across multiple departments in the hospital becomes effortless and instant, as all data is updated across all relevant screens within seconds.

This high level of efficiency means you can follow the progress in the Surgical Department and adjust to changes in the intensive care unit and the recovery ward before the patient even arrives.

Key Features

Acute patient overviews

Valuable overviews of each day’s acute patients

Surgery/Acute list

INSIGHT gives you a clear overview of planned surgeries and shortlists of acute bookings, enabling coordinators to better organize and prioritize the daily schedule directly from their workstation. With patient and surgery information easily available and updated automatically across all relevant screens, INSIGHT provides you with comprehensive real-time information of the situation in the department. 


In addition, when INSIGHT is integrated with a booking system, new surgeries, progress updates and changes in the surgery schedule are automatically shared between the systems, limiting the need for double-registration.

Surgery schedule

A quick overview of the daily schedule for Surgical Department staff

Surgery calendar

With INSIGHT, the surgery calendar visualizes the surgery schedule for a specific operating room. To make planning more intuitive and efficient for coordinators, each surgery is colored according to its current status and takes up space according to its duration.


INSIGHT enables the Surgical Department to utilize the operating rooms more efficiently by limiting ineffective waiting time. Real-time updating of the surgery progress can also save the department valuable minutes every day, with cleaning commencing as soon as the surgery is over so the next surgery can start on time.

Surgery progress overview

Video streaming and progress updates from inside the operating room

Operating room component

The operating room component in INSIGHT displays information about current surgeries. Through a video feed, coordinators can see images from inside the operating room, so they can stay on top of the surgery progress without leaving their workstation.


The component also contains a progress bar that is updated from inside the room as the surgery progresses. The updates are reflected at coordinator workstations or screens in collaborating departments, notifying the right personnel about the surgery status and when to expect the patient.

Staff visualizations

Providing you with quick overviews of the staff on call

The staff component

The staff overview provides you with information about the staff on call, the role of each staff member and who will be on the next shift. If the INSIGHT solution has been set up with a suitable integration, the staff component can also give you information about the current location of each staff member.


The overview can display staff assigned to a specific operating room or provide a broader overview of all personnel in the department. This information improves recognition, allows colleagues to quickly locate each other, and supports communication between nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, CSSD personnel, and service personnel.

Communication components

Fast, easy and silent communication between departments


The chat functionality enables communication directly from one touchscreen to another within the same or across multiple departments. The messages are received instantly and displayed on the screen without affecting the surrounding workflow.

With the chat component, nurses can brief coordinators about delays or other surgery-related information from inside the operating room without disturbing the ongoing surgery. Coordinators can also share information with all operating rooms at once, or even coordinate with recovery wards or intensive care units when a patient is being transferred. The chat component is a handy tool for facilitating the sharing of information between relevant stakeholders.


The note component provides you with an easy and simple way of distributing one-way messages between departments or across the entire hospital. Notes can be changed directly on the screen and are updated on all screens within a matter of seconds.


Explore the world of patient flow management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.