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Healthcare professionals can find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

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Doctors during operation

45 minutes of cardiac arrest
2 passionate doctors
1 saved life

At Getinge, we believe that saving lives is the greatest job in the world. In people’s most vulnerable moments, we are by your side every step of the way, working together as one.

The OR is the heart of the hospital

The modern OR is the core of the hospital, the intersection of many professional disciplines, each with unique needs.  Multifunctional, cross-disciplinary surgical suites can improve efficiency, enhance patient care and keep costs under control.

To provide the best care for your patients, a good working environment, and a sound financial situation, you need a partner that understands your needs and that can support you at every step of the way. At Getinge, we offer equipment, workflow management, and clinical therapies that help hospitals and clinicians offer the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Put your project in our hands

Whether investing in a new building, a modernization or expansion, selecting the right partner is crucial for smooth implementation. Getinge offers complete design concepts that take today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth into account.

The long-sighted planning and workflow analysis makes use of all current resources while leaving plenty of space for future changes. With flexible tailor-made financing solutions, we help you provide best-in-class care and grow your business in a competitive environment.

Mapping of hospital

Up-to-date workflow analysis

The patient, personnel and instrument flow in OR departments are subject to intensive analysis. By understanding unique workflows for each surgical discipline and workspace, resources can be employed thoughtfully, efficiently and cost-effectively. Intelligent, forward-thinking planning delivers scalable, cost-effective solutions that meet your OR needs, today and tomorrow.

Group discussing hospital planning and architecture

Plan your OR department

Whether investing in a new building, a modernization or expansion, individual solutions are always necessary in order to take precise account of all aspects of complex planning and medical technologies. Selecting the right partner is crucial when it comes to the smooth implementation of sensitive areas of a building, such as operating rooms or intensive care units.

Coordinator overviews hospital bed ward capacity in the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Ensure a safe and structured patient flow

INSIGHT is the patient flow management solution that provides complete transparency, collaboration and overview in and across departments, enabling management and healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care for patients.

A gallery of project successes from around the world

We are proud to have established a unique worldwide standard for complete hospital solutions. Many hospitals have put their trust in our bundled products and expertise. Let yourself be inspired by a selection of the projects we have managed for hospitals around the globe.

"We have chosen Getinge as our solution provider for ORs for two main reasons: Getinge's consultancy and workflow, and the durability of the VARIOP solution. Both lead to positive return on investment."

Bora Atay, Mechanical Group Supervisor, Acibadem Project Management, Turkey

Practice-proven equipment for your OR

As a leading provider of OR equipment, Getinge offers medical solutions that set new standards in quality, functionality and reliability. Our products enable smooth OR processes and contribute to best-possible patient care.

Operating Room

175 years of OR table innovation

Getinge offers a broad portfolio of modular, ergonomic tables designed for multidisciplinary applications.

Maquet PowerLED II

Clear illumination, precise control

World-class LED lighting from Getinge provides shadow-free, true-color illumination of tissue that enhances visibility in precise surgical procedures.

recovery room with ceiling supply unit

Use the ceiling to streamline workflows

Ceiling supply units save space, create a more orderly and ergonomic working environment, streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

Hospital operating room modular room system

Future-proof your hospital with modular room systems

The modular room system allows you to design every aspect of all sensitive areas in the hospital in line with your requirements.

Tegris OR Integration System

Tegris manages the operating room – including surgery video routing, music, data management, device operation and customizable settings – through a single system that improves the OR working environment and flow.

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Maquet Magnus - versatile applications, superior results

To professionally meet the different needs of every patient, medical teams require one integrated OR table system that is easy to set up, to use and to adjust. The Maquet Magnus OR table system greatly exceeds the capabilities of a standard OR table and gives your team an enhanced environment for surgical excellence.

Watch the video to learn more about your all in one OR table solution.

INSIGHT Surgical

INSIGHT Surgical helps you maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources in the Surgical Department with easy communication between coordinators, ORs, and collaborating wards and units.

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Improve patient outcomes through advanced technology

Getinge offers a wide range of products for treating acute health conditions. You can find us in the OR supporting your cardiac, pulmonary and vascular procedures with our wide range of  instruments and implants for cardiovascular and bypass surgery and anesthesia equipment. We also offer advanced products for the minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors using the Getinge HL20

Our perfusion portfolio supports day-to-day challenges of perfusionists

Our customer-centric and flexible best-in-class perfusion solutions allow physicians, perfusionists and nurses to have more time to treat and care for their patients.

Nurse using the getinge flow-i

Effective anesthesia supporting your most challenging ventilated patients

FLOW-i uses our advanced ICU ventilation technology to deliver safe and cost-efficient anesthesia. Outcomes are improved in all patient groups, from neonates to the morbidly obese. Its ease of use and automatic gas control technology frees time to care for patients while reducing operational costs.

Doctor walking in hospital hallway

Improve your daily postoperative outcomes with goal-directed fluid management

Advanced Patient Monitoring tools are key components in today’s surgical fast-track protocols because they support proper patient fluid management. These tools help significantly reduce  perioperative complications, improving survival rates.


Comprehensive solutions to optimize beating heart surgery outcomes in the OR

Getinge ACROBAT Off Pump Systems provide the strength, visibility and stability necessary in a variety of surgical situations. The XPOSE access device securely lifts the heart for access to vessels. And the HEARTSTRING III eliminates the need for an aortic clamp, resulting in better patient safety and less chance of complications.

operating room connecting cable

Minimize trauma and maximize control in the OR with the low profile vascular tunneler

The Getinge vascular tunneler minimizes the trauma of tunneling by making the tunnel the same diameter as the graft being placed.

A variety of tips and handles with a directional thumb tab maximize control. The autoclavable tray keeps the tunneler kit together and organized.

doctors during operation

Choose the leading chest drain for your thoracic procedure

With innovative features like knockover nozzle protection, big, bold easy to read numbers and easy to adjust regulation, your patients will head for recovery with the best thoracic drainage in the industry. We also offer mobile, wearable chest drains to help with early ambulation.

Integrated Workflow Solutions

With IWS, we offer you a safer, integrated and better utilized facility that supports greater consistency and efficiency, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.

Prevent infection in the OR

If the OR is the heart of the hospital, the central sterile supply department is its lungs. A complete solution for disinfection and sterilization takes more than first-rate equipment and accessories. Efficient sterile supply reprocessing is vital for delivering the right equipment at the right time, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

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Learn more in one of our Getinge Experience Centers

The Getinge Experience Center concept symbolizes our focus on comprehensive solutions and customer service. All sites are international knowledge hubs that show our products and solutions within a complete, real-world medical setting. Clinicians and biomedical engineers can go on-site to participate in hands-on educational programs that help achieve maximum workflow efficiency.

getinge showroom rastatt

Getinge Experience Centers worldwide

Getinge Experience Centers are located at several sites around the globe - in Rastatt, Germany, Wayne (NJ), USA and in Singapore.

The showrooms in São Paulo, Brazil,  Kobe, Japan and Shanghai, China will soon be transformed into Experience Centers.