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Solutions to keep the dream alive

Seeing a patient recover, young or old, is what makes every hour of hard work worth it. With our state-of-the-art IT solutions within Patient Flow Management, OR Integration and Sterile Supply Management, patients around the world can benefit from a better, safer and more consistent hospital experience.

Improve the workflow in your hospital for best quality of care

With patients in mind, we can help you provide a safer hospital experience for your patients. We can help you improve the workflow in your hospital and ensure best quality of care. These are not just words, these are actual improvements. We can help you, the healthcare facilities, to achieve and thereby help the patients.

Optimize the sterile workflow to maximize patient safety

Quality assurance improves patient safety. T-DOC and the wide range of sterile supply management solutions give you best in class instrument and endoscope traceability all the way to the patient with highly customizability to meet your basic or most advanced requirements.

Complete traceability of  endoscopes and instruments all the way to the patient
Complete sterile control  and management of  any size production with  management tools and  business intelligence
Highest quality in sterile delivery  by ensuring correct delivery  of endoscopes and instruments  at the right time and at the correct location

"With the rollout of patient registration in outpatients and in the operating department, T-DOC has improved accuracy of tracking and traceability. We know where our instruments are, we know what will be incoming and patient details are accurately recorded. T-DOC provided us with great support for the implementation of digital patient record."

Julie Knight, Decontamination Services Manager, United Kingdom

Full control of the operating room at your fingertips

TEGRIS is the OR integration solution that improves ergonomics in daily surgery department routines. With one tool, you can interlink video routing, recording and transmissions for full control of the information and equipment in your Hybrid OR.

Integrate all video signals in the OR and direct them to any screen
Control your room – everything from lighting, OR tables, temperature to ventilation and music
Stream or broadcast video to any location – next door or around the world

Ensure a safe and structured patient flow

INSIGHT is the effective patient flow management tool that improves coordination and communication at the hospital. It ensures a consistent and structured patient experience from arrival to discharge.

Improve efficiency by optimizing the patient flow and the utilization of resources
Facilitate communication within and between  departments and hospitals
Improve patient experience through safer and  streamlined patient flow

“With INSIGHT we are no longer running independent departments – we are running a complete acute hospital. That's a major difference. You know the flow. You know who is coming. You know who is leaving. You know where your colleagues are. That's control.”

Jørgen Schøler Kristensen, Medical Director, Regional Hospital Horsens, Denmark