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Getinge da Vinci solution

Getinge da Vinci solution

A comprehensive cleaning solution for da Vinci EndoWrist® instruments.


The Getinge da Vinci® solution is based on the Getinge 8668 and 88 Turbo washer-disinfectors, a multi-tasking system that allows you to process EndoWrist® instruments and most other kinds of surgical instruments in the same washer-disinfector, all with totally reliable results.

Four cornerstones - one solution

The Getinge da Vinci solution consists of four cornerstones: washer-disinfectors, special detergent, a unique customized processing program and smart wash-racks.

When used together, these four cornerstones comprise a tested and verified solution, approved by Intuitive Surgical to be used as a part of the reprocessing instructions of EndoWrist instruments.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Verified by Intuitive Surgical reprocessing instructions for 5 and 8 mm Si and 8 mm Xi EndoWrist instruments

Clean and disinfect up to 8 EndoWrist instruments (two full operation sets + two spare)

Block unused connections for EndoWrist instruments

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Wash Monitors

The indicator is placed strategically in the device and provides an indication whether the process was sufficiently run or not. By verifying the critical process parameters, added assurance is provided that the equipment is cleaning as expected. Thus you minimize the risk of potential errors in the process and lower the risk of spreading infections in the healthcare environment. This means improved patient safety and reduced cost for the healthcare facility itself.

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