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Maquet Lyra

Operating table maquet lyra
Maquet lyra Operating table
Maquet lyra operating table foot

Maquet Lyra

A versatile table for all-around use

It’s increasingly important to invest in reliable, multifunctional infrastructure. That’s why Getinge developed the Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table. Just one table can meet the needs of most surgical disciplines, and is carbon-fiber accessory compatible for excellent intra-operative diagnostics.

Versatility for procedures

The Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table is designed to work for almost all surgical disciplines, increasing the options for each OR. Plus, it’s compatible with all existing Maquet Mobile OR Table accessories that you may already have, maximizing the return on your investment.


Cost-effective compatibility

Sometimes, a reliable OR table is all your hospital needs. The Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table offers the stability and functionality needed across surgical disciplines, all for a comfortable price.

Maquet Lyra components


A stable, flexible mobile OR table

Get the stability and functionality you need across surgical disciplines.

Maximum overall load

Reliability and user-friendly operation

The Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table has a robust design that ensures stability and safety for a broad range of patients. It has a overall load (patient plus accessory) of 360 kg (794 lbs) in normal position, and 180 kg (397 lbs) without any restrictions – ideal for most patient populations.

A 350 mm height range supports a variety of procedures, whether the surgeon is seated or standing. This improves ergonomics reducing strain and minimizing the risk of workplace injury.
A broad range of angles and tilts can be combined to give surgeons the best surgical site access with the least patient trauma. This can improve outcomes and reduce overall recovery time.

Designed for universal use

Longitudinal shift can improve access for better outcomes

A flexible mobile table can serve many purposes. Manual longitudinal shift improves intra-operative diagnostics and treatment. It delivers increased access for the surgeon while simultaneously improving accessibility for the C-arm. 360° imaging is possible when paired with carbon fiber accessories.

Improved throughput between procedures

New pair of leg plates provide various positioning possibilities

Gas-spring assisted leg plates can fold around the column, remaining attached during gynecological procedures. This reduces reconfiguration time and helps to increase throughput.

Highly maneuverable

Easy transport and positioning

The special design of the castors allows the table to be used immediately, without being lowered onto a baseplate. The free-wheeling castors give the flexibility to move in both straight lines or laterally.

Excellent clinical access

Improved comfort

A concave base and smart design of the column and table top allow the surgical team to get close to the patient – without positional strain. The team can work comfortably and confidently.

Wide range of compatible accessories

Cost-effective compatibility

By combining universal usage features with a broad range of accessories, the Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table is a practical table for all-around use. Maquet Lyra features the same interfaces as past Getinge Mobile OR tables and the compatibility with existing Getinge accessories ensures seamless integration into your surgical suite.

Safety in an emergency

Improved safety and efficiency

Maquet Lyra can still be used in case of a power failure or table software blackout. A hard-wired override panel is connected to a separate circuit for safe control. Table brakes can be manually released if necessary.

Patient Positioning

A flexible table can improve functionality

Maquet Lyra offers several patient positioning possibilities by offering optimal reverse or normal positioning together with a wide range of angles and lateral tilt combinations. This delivers increased access in various surgical positions.

Struma position

patient lying on Maquet lyra operating table

Tibia treatment

Patient lying straight on Maquet lyra operating table

Spinal surgery in prone position with optimum access for the c-arm

Operating table Lyra patient

Park bench position

Patient sitting on lyra operating table

Genucubital position

Patient lying with feet up on Maquet lyra operating table

Shoulder surgery in beach chair position

patient in gynecological position on Maquet lyra OR table

Gynecological and urological surgery

patient lying on the side on operating table

Kidney procedure


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