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ProAQT Technology

Proaqt product photo
ProAQT Technology

ProAQT Technology

Optimized Fluid Management

Your navigator in perioperative hemodynamic management


Reliable interpretation of the patient‘s hemodynamic status in the OR

ProAQT is one component of the PulsioFlex monitoring concept. Based on over 20 years of research with the PiCCO pulse contour algorithm, ProAQT allows reliable and physiological interpretation of the patient‘s hemodynamic status. The ProAQT technology supports goal directed therapy and allows the review of interventions to assess their success.


Within minutes the monitoring range can be expanded to include variables such as blood flow, volume responsiveness, afterload and contractility.

The ProAQT sensor is simply integrated into the existing blood pressure measurement system.



  • Recognize instability, make the right decision - earlier!
  • Easy setup using the existing arterial-line
  • Manual calibration with a reference cardiac output possible
  • Based on PiCCO pulse contour algorithm
  • Integrated signal LED increases safety

Useful application in

  • Perioperative hemodynamic optimization of high risk patients or high risk procedures
  • Assessment of therapy effect
  • Early recognition of unstable patients


ProAQT module

ProAQT Technology is the innovative CO trend monitoring

  • Delivers real time beat to beat CO trend
  • Works with a standard arterial catheter to support easy setup
  • Detects dynamic fluid responsiveness (PPV, SVV)
  • Clinical studies show reduction in complications1
  • Can be calibrated manually using data from ultrasound or PAC

Salzwedel C et al., CritCare 2013; 17(5): R191



Perioperative Monitoring

Salzwedel C, Puig J, Carstens A, Bein B, Molnar Z, Kiss K, Hussain A, Belda J, Kirov MY, Sakka SG, Reuter DA
Perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy based on radial arterial pulse pressure variation and continuous cardiac index trending reduces postoperative complications after major abdominal surgery: a multi-center, prospective, randomized study
Crit Care 2013;17(5): R191.

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