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T-DOC Select

T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer  with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management software solution from Getinge

T-DOC Select

Traceability and documentation for the sterile workflow

T-DOC Select is Getinge's electronic traceability solution within sterile supply management suited for mid-sized hospitals. T-DOC Select enables hospitals to optimize the sterile production and ensure regulatory compliance for sterile reprocessing. T-DOC Select is a scalable and future-proof solution that can easily be adapted to meet your specific requirements.


T-DOC Select is a solution that provides uncompromising quality assurance by documenting and tracking all processes in the sterile production. T-DOC Select provides a fully digital sterile workflow to ensure regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits

T-DOC sterile assistent working in CSSD with machine overview

Quality assurance for the sterile workflow

T-DOC Select provides traceability throughout the reprocessing department – from patient registration and decontamination to the dispatch of goods. Connection to washers and sterilizers provides accurate cycle documentation and decreased manual handling. Enforcing required registration of all steps in the sterile flow and ensuring full traceability results in a higher patient safety.

T-DOC assistant scans sterile goods to stock with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management software solution from Getinge

Sterile workflow optimization

An optimized sterile workflow provides a hospital with improved resource utilization when it comes to staffing, instrumentation, accurate prioritization, and processing equipment. By managing each step in the reprocessing cycle and providing staff instant access to valuable tools, alerts, and various reports, T-DOC dramatically improves sterile workflows in your reprocessing department, resulting in a safer, more reliable patient experience.

T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer

Ensure regulatory compliance

T-DOC enables you to meet the healthcare regulatory requirements of your reprocessing department by tracking the flow through decontamination, assembly, sterilization and the dispatch of goods. Additionally, processes and instrumentation can be directly linked to patients for instant recalls and traceability. As a transparent and auditable solution, T-DOC also provides all the necessary documentation for internal compliance.

Return on investment

T-DOC has a direct impact on cost savings in a reprocessing department, particularly in terms of less time spent searching for instruments and trays, reduced maintenance and repairs, less time spent managing non-conformance and quality issues, reduced onboarding time for new staff members, reduced manual processes and the instant recalls of goods.

Key Features

Documentation and traceability of the sterile production

T-DOC manages the sterile production while ensuring full traceability of all processes.

Connecting all processes to the patient

Any goods linked to a patient can be tracked reliably and accurately to the actual tray used, the unique contents, the unique wash and sterilization process, all staff handling goods, all repairs, every step the articles made and any historical information. If any steps were skipped, or any processes failed, staff are immediately alerted, and a recall can be initiated.

The audit trail functionality records all changes made to records in the T-DOC database thereby providing the hospital with all necessary documentation for regulatory compliance. 

Complete registration of repair

T-DOC uniquely tracks repairs of surgical instruments, including vendor information, costs, and expected duration. Staff know where and when each repair took place, as well as which procedures were followed. Overviews and repair statistics allow for leveraging fair and favorable demands when re-negotiating contracts with repair vendors.

Accurate and consistent handling

T-DOC provides CSSD staff with guidance and detailed assembly instructions.

Training of new employees is made easy

With the trigger functionality, T-DOC prompts user with an alert to ensure correct handling, for example with assembly or maintenance instructions, packing instructions or fast track requirements.

The on-screen packing list with picture and video instructions support new staff and reduce the risks associated with uncertainty. When training new employees or facing language barriers, the clear visual and written packing instructions contribute to an optimized workflow.

Quality assurance of your production

The T-DOC CountAssure functionality allows for the tray to be packed according to a predefined min. and max. content and the present count of instruments in the tray is listed in T-DOC. The staff must confirm that each instrument is included in the tray prior to its registration and further processing. This also enables instrument count in the return area thereby ensuring that the received tray is complete.

Clear overview of all your instruments

T-DOC manages all instrumentation and knows the exact location of each instrument

Smooth order picking and dispatch

T-DOC allows for staff to pre-define stock levels to ensure the goods are always on stock. T-DOC will know if the sterile goods should be placed in stock or dispatched to customers. Staff is provided with clear pick lists enabling them to quickly identify location of stocked items, including those assigned with a fast track code. With these tools at hand, staff can deliver the right instruments at the right location thereby avoiding delays or cancellation of surgery.

Full traceability of single instruments

With T-DOC you can assign a serial number to the single instruments. This provides a complete and updated overview over the actual number and contents of instruments in each tray. Serializing items enables the documentation of specific instrument processes throughout the production cycle; washer-disinfection, packing, sterilization, stock locations and to patient use. This allows for detailed control and accounting of actual use and maintenance, thus providing total life cycle traceability from first day of use to scrap.

Support management reporting and Business Intelligence

T-DOC helps you identify opportunities to optimize the sterile workflow with accurate and detailed reports

Management reporting

T-DOC simplifies administration by incorporating all data into one central paperless source. Reports based on these data are easy to create and export to commonly used office programs and they can also be customized to suit your specific needs.

You can extract reports on topics such as:


  • Turnaround time
  • User efficiency
  • Instrumentation history
  • Customers
  • Errors
  • Repairs
  • Stock management
  • Equipment utilization
  • Basis for invoicing (including repairs)


Integration with CSSD reprocessing equipment

Combine with T-DOC Cycle for full equipment utilization

Meet regulatory and hospital-specific needs

Combining T-DOC Select with T-DOC Cycle allows for real-time process data to be documented in T-DOC: Cycle phases, temperature and pressure valves. Staff will know which equipment process ends next, and when and where to collect instruments for further reprocessing. Staff is provided with a clear overview of all equipment status including charts, graphs and lists for each cycle.

Optimize production and minimize maintenance costs

With T-DOC Cycle you can benefit from equipment statistics. Creating reports on equipment usage, batch documentation, processes with errors etc. allows you to optimize your production and usage of equipment in terms of balancing the use, tear and wear of all machines.

In addition, T-DOC directly interfaces with AGSs, heat sealers and incubators to further strengthen the process documentation. Interfacing with incubators allows for monitoring, documenting and approving all processes associated with indicators.



Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.

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