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DPTE®-FLEX Alpha Port

Gloveless Aseptic Transfer

The DPTE®-FLEX is a manual and externally openable Alpha Port (Ø190) developed to reduce human intervention in the barrier system and thus reduce the risk of contamination while improving ergonomics and production rate.

It allows aseptic transfer on filling lines without breaking containment, ensuring the integrity and sterility of the pharmaceutical product.

Maximum protection with minimum human intervention

  • Enhance Aseptic Transfer with gloveless process
  • Support for Annex 1 guidelines
  • Easy to use
  • Improve efficiency and ergonomics
  • Optional features for enhanced functionality
  • Seamlessly replaces the DPTE®-XS or any similar RTP with a 190mm diameter

Safety at first

The core of the DPTE® system is the Alpha port with its secure interlock enabling totally safe connections and disconnections:

  • The operator cannot open the DPTE® Alpha door when the DPTE® Beta part is not properly connected
  • The operator cannot disconnect the DPTE® Beta part if the double door is not closed
  • The operator cannot open the DPTE® Alpha door when the DPTE® Beta port is not equipped with the Beta part

External opening

The external handles of the DPTE®-FLEX, which perform the double functions (unlocking/locking and opening/closing), are fully accessible from outside the enclosure.

The Alpha door cannot move unless the external handle is actioned. The fully controlled Alpha door movement offers a safe opening, especially on an inclined wall.

In addition to its external opening, the DPTE®-FLEX can also offer internal opening as an option.

Dismountable funnel

To meet specific needs and to facilitate component transfer, we offer a long and a short funnel as an option. The funnel protects the alpha/beta seals and its patented FAST system (Funnel Add-on for Smooth Transfer) allows efficient component transfer to the process area (feeder/bowl).

The funnel is mounted on the isolator wall, above the DPTE® door and its position is controlled using a handle accessible from outside the enclosure. The dismountable funnel can be easily, safely, and quickly released with one hand, and the assembly is fully autoclavable. 

Suitable for various applications within aseptic transfer

Validated to comply with international regulations, the DPTE® System
is used in various applications in aseptic and contained production.

DPTE® Alpha port used for liquid transfer

Liquid Transfer

DPTE® Alpha port used for component transfer

Component Transfer

DPTE® Alpha port used for the transfer of environmental monitoring systems

Environmental Monitoring

DPTE® Alpha port used for machine parts transfer

Machine Parts

DPTE® Alpha port used for waste disposal

Waste Disposal

The DPTE® Alpha port is fixed onto the cleanroom, filling line or isolator wall.

And many more...

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