Ensure accuracy and consistency in your instrument tracking

T-DOC provides high patient safety and accurate instrument traceability by tracking each instrument through the production cycle using unique unit numbers.

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IPSOS study shows US hospital's surgical wait times

Few hospitals use highly effective, currently available AI technology to help prioritize workflow and increase the number of surgeries they can perform.

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Surgeries can’t afford to wait - ensure correct case cart delivery

With our smart sterile supply management, T-DOC, your sterile services can ensure surgical case carts are delivered on time to the operating room.

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Digital improves hospital bed management while reducing stress

Improved patient flow, reduced staff stress levels, increased efficiency and profit. All this was achieved when Funabashi Orthopedics - one of the leading orthopedics hospitals in Japan – replaced manual administration with Getinge’s digital Patient Flow Management solution INSIGHT.

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Torin OptimalQ: Reduce your surgical waiting list

With Torin OptimalQ, you can shrink your surgical backlog by prioritizing surgeries and building an accurate surgery plan.

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Ensure on-time OR delivery with fast track

Enable fast tracking of surgical instruments and trays to ensure optimized stock, fulfillment of instrument orders, and on time delivery for surgeries.

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Integrate your hospital IT solutions for an efficient sterile workflow

Access data from multiple hospital IT platforms in one place with T-DOC.

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Enable cost-driven decision-making in your CSSD and OR

T-DOC visualizes the cost of everything, from sterilization and labor to instruments and disposables, which gives you the data you need to take action and run an efficient CSSD.

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Tegris Case: Improving risk management

Introducing Tegris has transformed surgical image and video quality in the operating rooms and cath lab's at Ichinomiya Municipal Hospital.

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T-DOC Case: Sterile instruments at the right time

T-DOC helps improve CSSD accuracy, efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality reprocessing at St Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

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T-DOC Case: Enhancing patient safety

At Dorset County Hospital, T-DOC has improved instrument turnaround time and the relationship between the CSSD and surgical department.

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Tegris Case: Reducing costs by integrating data

With Tegris, Acıbadem Maslak Hospital integrates patient surgical data, which helps minimize the manual workload for OR nurses.

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Tegris: Digital Asset Management in OR environment

When technology enhance OR and hospital efficiency: How Video-over-IP systems assist the management of images and videos?

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Torin Artificial Intelligence

Improve your surgery planning and prioritize long surgical waiting lists with Torin Artificial Intelligence technology.

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T-DOC driven automation in the world’s most advanced CSSD

From logistics and warehousing to interfacing with multiple hospital IT systems and CSSD automation. T-DOC is the intelligent backbone of it all in the Capital Region of Denmark.

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At Klinikum Stuttgart efficient surgical planning is the key to success

OR management plays a key role for us at Klinikum Stuttgart. Torin, helps map all process steps to streamline workflows and optimize performance. This led to a 3.4% increase in surgeries in 2019, which is an additional 2,000 surgeries in a year.

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INSIGHT Case: Making an environmental difference

With INSIGHT, Horsens Regional Hospital has succeeded in reducing costs and the environmental impact by introducing 5 eco-friendly initiatives.

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