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Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB)

Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is a form of extracorporeal circulation, in which a CPB machine (heart-lung machine) temporarily takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery. Getinge surgical perfusion components are used successfully in thousands of cardiopulmonary bypass procedures each year.

Getinge cardiopulmonary bypass portfolio

Getinge cardiopulmonary bypass portfolio

1. HL 40 Heart-lung Machine

Inspired by perfusionists, Getinge's HL 40 heart-lung machine is designed to increase safety and ensure maximum uptime in cardiac surgery. A heart-lung machine permits controlled circulation of oxygenated blood during complex cardiac surgical interventions.

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2. Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage (VAVD) controller

The VAVD controller allows accurate regulation of vacuum applied to a sealed reservoir. This enables vacuum assisted venous drainage to be performed during cardiovascular procedures.

3. MetaVision Perfusion

MetaVision Perfusion is a point-of-care information system designed in close cooperation with experienced perfusionists. The system supports standardized surgical perfusion workflows and is highly configurable to meet the perfusionist needs.

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4. Reservoir

The venous hard-shell cardiotomy reservoirs are designed for use in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. They serve as a blood buffer in the extracorporeal circuit and as a collection and defoaming device for aspirated blood.

5. Quadrox-i oxygenator

The oxygenator serves as the lung. It is used in cardiac surgery, in combination with a heart-lung machine, to oxygenate blood, remove carbon dioxide and adjust blood temperature.

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6. Disposables for surgical perfusion

Getinge offers various disposable products, customized as well as modular tubing sets and different coating options, required in cardiopulmonary bypass.

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7. HCU 40 Heater-Cooler Unit

Simple, fast and precise control of patients blood temperature are essential requirements for a hypo/hyperthermia device for use during extracorporeal circulation. Temperature change is achieved via a combined oxygenator and heat exchanger during cardiovascular interventions.

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