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MetaVision Perfusion

Advanced patient care tailored for perfusionists

MetaVision Perfusion automatically retrieves data from the heart-lung machine and other devices
MetaVision Perfusion
MetaVision Perfusion

Professional perfusionist workplace

MetaVision Perfusion is a point-of-care information system designed in close cooperation with experienced perfusionists. The system supports standardized surgical perfusion workflows and is highly configurable to meet the perfusionist needs.

Even in critical situations, the perfusionist is supported by the continuously retrieved data from all connected devices, such as the blood monitoring unit, the HCU 40 Heater-Cooler Unit, and especially the HL 40 Heart-Lung Machine.

Merging experience of Getinge and iMDsoft

With IMDsoft as a reliable partner, Getinge is merging the experience of two companies in the clinical environment. The partnership covers several successful introduction projects guided by clinically experienced application specialists and support service structures.

Patient safety and secure documentation

  • Focused on patient safety by ensuring accurate and secure documentation
  • Continuous capturing of all important medical device data connected to MetaVision Perfusion
  • Structured data provided to support further clinical usage and scientific application

Features dedicated to perfusion workflow

  • Perfusion centered workplace with all necessary documentation like heart-lung machine checklists, guided priming, and major clinical events during perfusion
  • Standardized heart-lung-machine workflows
  • The fully digital heart-lung machine checklist, favored medication, priming and material documentation

Integrated workplace in hospital environment

  • Vital data and laboratory data visualized by fully integrated charts to quickly provide overview in a life-critical environment during heart surgery
  • MetaVision Perfusion is fully integrable into already existing hospital infrastructure by establishing the bridge between the medical devices and the hospital information system
  • Multivendor medical device library
    to support integration