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Maquet Alphamaxx Mobile Operating Table

Operating table alphamaxx

Maquet Alphamaxx Mobile Operating Table

Mobile universal operating table which offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum comfort.


The mobile universal operating table Maquet Alphamaxx offers unparalleled safety and stability.

The modular structure allows adaptation to the patient’s body size and can withstand extreme loads in every position. Maquet Alphamaxx can be quickly and easily equipped for any surgical discipline.

Maquet Alphamaxx is made for living up to all requirements with its overall load of 1,000 lbs, longitudinal shift of up to 18” and the optional autodrive function for effortless maneuvering.

General Surgery

Gynecology and Urology


Orthopedics and Traumatology

Vascular Surgery


Longitudinal shift and reverse mode

The motorized longitudinal shift of up to 460 mm (18”) enables optimum access for the C-arm without needing to reposition the patient. Plus the Reverse Mode allows for patient positioning rotated by 180°, meaning absolutely flexibility in patient positioning and patient orientation. The use of carbon fiber modules provides excellent X-ray possibilities.

Ergonomic working conditions

There is a motorized adjustment for height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, longitudinal shift, lower back plate and leg plate interface. Furthermore the leg plates may be adjusted individually or synchronously and automatic component recognition in the leg plate mounting point prevents collisions. The height adjustment from 600 to 1060 mm (23.6 to 42.7 “) permits ergonomic working positions, both seated and standing.


The  electric autodrive in the base ensures gentle start-up and safety braking functions for easy and safe motor-powered movement of the Maquet Alphamaxx on four hydraulic double swivel castors.

Control Units

The operating table can be controlled in different ways: corded hand control, IR remote control, or foot switch. For emergency situations, there is an override panel on the table column.

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Modular Structure

The modular structure of Maquet Alphamaxx allows adaptation of the table top to the patient’s body size and can withstand extreme loads in nearly all positions.

Easy Click interface

The easy click interfaces of Maquet Alphamaxx allow simple and quick module changes and nearly unlimited modularity.

Leg Plates

Electro-hydraulically driven leg plates of Maquet Alphamaxx may be adjusted individually or synchronously.

Max and min height

Maximum and minimum height of Maquet Alphamaxx offers comfortable working, both seated and standing.