Maquet Satelite Ceiling Mounting System

Maquet Satelite Ceiling Mounting System

Creates an equipment hub in the heart of the operating room.


The Maquet Satelite Ceiling Mount System creates an equipment and multimedia hub in the heart of the operating room

The ergonomic design keeps cables and equipment off the floor, increasing operating room versatility and meeting new requirements for hospital facilities. The three-tube mounting hub allows for a multitude of customizable, upgradable and economical solutions

Various possibilities

  • A single mounting hub for multiple equipments (lights, monitors, cameras, etc.)
  • Ergonomic design allows equipment to be easily positioned within reach
  • Solutions tailored to specialities and rooms of all types
  • Smooth sleek and round surfaces, easy-to-clean
  • No exposed wires or cables

  • Future capacity requirements: equipment can be added and removed quickly and easily
  • Simplified purchasing: individual replacement of equipment, cost control
  • Compatible with all Maquet surgical lights
  • The ideal holder for cameras of all types (SD/HD)
  • Routing of SD and HD signals of all types