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Our unique anesthesia technology makes the difference

At Getinge we are passionate about patient safety and care efficiency. Our Flow Family machines deliver personalized anesthesia through a series of unique and innovative features.  We call our approach Dynamic Anesthesia Delivery - personalized and fine-tuned anesthesia treatment to meet the individual needs of patients.  


Personalization breath by breath

o2guard anesthesia flow

Active hypoxia prevention

Our O2Guard is the world’s only system for active hypoxia prevention. Should the inspired oxygen level drop below 21%, the O2Guard automatically overrules the settings and increases the flow of oxygen. [1]

Mac brain anesthesia flow

Informed anesthetic dosing

In anesthesia, there is a difference in agent concentration levels in the lungs and in the target organ, the brain. To facilitate decision-making when planning and dosing anesthesia agents, we have created MAC Brain. [2]

Lung recruitment flow anesthesia

Gentle steps against atelectasis

Lung recruitment maneuvers have become the tool of choice to counter
atelectasis, to improve oxygenation and help prevent postoperative complications. [3] [4]

Ventilation anesthesia flow

ICU-grade ventilation

Innovative Flow Core Technology is designed to promote efficient agent usage, providing the power and precision to ventilate even challenging patients. [5] [6]


The products, availability of the Flow Family anesthesia systems and SW version may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Getinge representative for more information. The assertions stated by the physician are strictly those of the physician and do not necessarily reflect the views of Getinge.

⚠ CAUTION: Federal (US) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. Refer to Instructions for Use for current indications, warnings, contraindications, and precautions. 

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