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GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

Closed-loop water system for heating and cooling


GMP regulations generally require terminal sterilization of parenteral products after packaging. Getinge GEC (circulating-water terminal sterilizers or water-cascade sterilizers) are primarily intended for large volumes of liquids in sealed glass or plastic containers. They provide sterility of the product in a rapid cycle, while being gentle enough to protect the integrity and shape of components, products and packaging. A wide range of sterilization cycles provides application versatility. By using water recirculated by a high-capacity pump, Getinge GEC terminal sterilizers provide efficient utilization with high product throughput.

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers kill tough microbes while being gentle enough to protect the integrity of components, products and packaging. In Getinge's unique system, water cascades from a perforated tray at the top of the chamber to create a uniform temperature. Additionally high water flow rates ensure that uniform temperature distribution is maintained throughout the chamber during the sterilization phase.

A wide range of sterilization cycles increase application versatility. The GEC Series Sterilizers provide two ways of preventing deformation of plastic containers, through the use of air over pressure, independently controlled during the heating and cooling phases and/or when required by use of special loading trays developed by Getinge.

Sterilizes water along with product

External heat exchangers indirectly cool circulating water on completion of sterilization

Water cascades from a perforated tray at the top of the chamber providing uniform temperature

Sectional jacket design for strength and rigidity

High quality laser cutting and robotic welding

Stainless steel fascia panels, easily open for service access

Technical data

Getinge GEC Model 6610 6613 6913 6917
Chamber volume (m3) 0,5 0,6 0,8 1,1
Chamber width (mm) 660 660 660 660
Chamber height (mm) 600 600 850 850
Chamber depth (mm) 1000 1300 1350 1700
Getinge GEC Model 91413 91425 91837 131682
Chamber volume (m3) 1,8 3,3 6,4 20
Chamber width (mm) 870 870 920 1270
Chamber height (mm) 1400 1400 1750 1550
Chamber depth (mm) 1350 2500 3750 8200

The above dimensions are for models selected from a much wider range.
Models GEC 6610 and 6613 incorporate vertical sliding doors, whereas other models have horizontal sliding doors.


Loading Equipment

For smoother loading and unloading, Getinge offers a wide range of loading and unloading equipment.

  • Shelf racks
  • Shelf trays
  • Stackable shelves
  • Various rail systems
  • Loading trolleys
  • Roller conveyors


Terminal sterilization

GMP regulations stipulate terminal sterilization of parenteral products after packageing. Getinge GEC Series sterilizers provides solutions for terminal sterilization of your products.

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