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Getinge Flow-i

Best possible anesthetic care for all your patients

Our goal is to help you reduce postoperative complications, minimize agent usage and give you more time to treat and care for your patients during surgery. You and your patients, from neonates to morbidly obese, can benefit from our anesthesia portfolio, the Flow-i and Flow-c.

Getinge Flow-i

ICU ventilation performance and anesthesia delivery - all in one

When treating high-risk patients with pulmonary disease or compromised pulmonary function, you need an anesthesia machine with superior ventilation performance. Based on our heritage and the core technology of the Servo ventilator platform, the Flow anesthesia family is designed to handle these common ventilatory challenges.

More about the superior ventilation performance of the Flow anesthesia machines

Easy steps to lung recruitment in the OR

Atelectasis affects over 90% of patients undergoing surgery, regardless of gender, age, health condition or length of surgery, showing the importance of protecting patients’ lungs.[1]

Lung recruitment maneuvers have become the tool of choice to counter atelectasis. Still, many clinicians find it somewhat complicated and time-consuming to apply lung protective strategies - but it doesn't have to be.

More about automatic and stepwise lung recruitment maneuvers

Concerned about the risks of low-flow anesthesia? We are too.

That is why we developed Automatic Gas Control (AGC), facilitating safe low- and minimal-flow anesthesia. 

Learn more about safe low-flow anesthesia

Unique O₂Guard helps reduce risk for hypoxia

Unlike hypoxic guards in conventional anesthesia machines, the OGuard actively intervenes if the inspired oxygen concentration drops below 21%, eliminating the risk of hypoxic mixtures.

Learn more about our active hypoxic guard

Customer voices on Automatic Gas Control
for low-flow anesthesia

"42% volatile agent savings with AGC."

Learn how Belfast hospital realized they could substantially reduce their agent consumption with AGC.

"AGC was an absolutely amazing experience, with no comparison to it."

Professor Sanuki, Hiroshima University Hospital Japan, shares his impressions.

“AGC buys us time to care for the patient, as well as time to document the patient recordings.”

Staff share their impressions after AGC was installed on 60 of their Flow-i anesthesia machines.

Improve uptime in the OR
- connect your anesthesia machines

Our digital service Getinge Online, connects people, products and ideas, which enables both service teams and clinicians to improve efficiency. Getinge Online gives instant access to equipment data that helps you, your team and the hospital to gain insights and maximize uptime. The data also helps you lower anesthetic agent usage and reduce the environmental footprint. 

Reduce the cost and stress of ownership

UK hospital estimated a 33% cost savings on agent usage with Flow-i

After changing their anesthesia machine fleet to Flow-i, a UK hospital conducted a six-month retrospective comparison of anesthetic agent usage using Flow-i versus the old technology. Flow-i was estimated to result in a 33% cost savings in agent consumption. 

Improve your patient outcomes by optimized perioperative fluid management

Our technology supports your therapeutic decisions in high risk surgical patient with continuous and reliable facts.

This significant improvement has been confirmed in clinical studies [2] and gives you more safety in your decisions.

Explore Getinge’s Advanced Patient Monitoring portfolio

consumables product photo flow-i

High quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables designed for highest possible patient safety and ease of use – all to help secure your everyday operations.

Patient data at your fingertips

MSync helps you to connect your Flow-i fleet to your patient monitor, HIS or patient data management system (PDMS). Clinical and patient data is transferred in real time to support clinical decision-making.

Scalable service programs

Getinge Care is our extensive and flexible service program. It ensures that your devices have the highest possible device uptime, including front line support, remote service, software updates, training and much more.

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