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Keep surgeries on track with fast track - ensure on-time OR delivery

Sterile reprocessing
Digital Health
CSSDs technicians fast-tracking trays and instruments to ensure on-time delivery for surgeries
Sterile reprocessing
Digital Health

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T-DOC knows how to keep surgeries on schedule

Is a critical instrument needed for the operating room? By enabling fast tracking (prioritized reprocessing) of surgical instruments and trays, our sterile supply management solution T-DOC, can ensure on-time delivery for surgeries. Fast-track specific instruments/trays when needed or automatically for frequently in-demand instruments.

Optimize your sterile workflow and fulfill instrument orders

Fast track helps the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) to optimize the stock of expensive and critical instruments by reducing turnaround time, which also helps ensure the fulfillment of customer orders. With fast track, hospital staff are immediately warned if an instrument is behind schedule, and they have a real-time overview of all fast-tracked items.

T-DOC sterile supply management, enables the CSSD to:

  • Fast track instruments manually and automatically
  • Create a fast track plan with timings, locations and more for an instrument or tray
  • Fast track ordered instruments not on stock
  • Notify staff if there are deviations to the fast track plan
  • Invoice the OR (or other departments) for fast tracked instruments
  • Fulfill service level agreements (SLAs) with on-time delivery


Our instrument turnaround time dropped 25% when the T-DOC Fast Track feature was introduced

Ensure surgical instruments are ready when needed

A surgical instrument is identified for fast tracking by a fast track code that specifies criteria (such as the instrument’s status, location or time of day). If the CSSD experiences peak hours, fast track can speed up the reprocessing. Fast track codes can also be permanently assigned to serialized instruments or endoscopes. If your endoscopy department has two frequently used endoscopes, assigning fast track codes can help ensure they are always ready when needed. 

To ensure customer orders are fulfilled on time, T-DOC enables stock-based fast tracking by automatically assigning fast track codes to instruments. This happens when the quantity of an instrument specified in a customer order is not expected to be in stock within the specified delivery time.

T-DOC knows how to follow infection control guidelines

Do your complex instruments need washing straight after use to maintain infection control? With T-DOC, staff can easily specify maximum permitted idle times for an instrument and automatically monitor all your instruments and fast track those that are behind their specified schedule without any manual intervention. This also supports quality assurance by enabling you to meet infection control guidelines for instrument reprocessing.

Our sterile supply management solution provides comprehensive functionalities that enable your sterile department to deliver on time and at the highest quality.

By combining T-DOC fast track with our case cart solution, your CSSD can also easily monitor the status of all ordered instruments, including those that are fast tracked, to ensure adherence to the surgical schedule. A flexible, automated and easy-to-use solution that enables you to control every detail in your sterile supply workflow, so the surgical teams can focus on what’s most important – the patients.

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