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Brisbane, Australia

Supporting clinical practitioners whilst promoting nursing expertise

This comprehensive half day workshop is designed for health care professionals who are directly involved with the care of the patient requiring chest drainage.

Getinge is committed to the provision of high quality clinical training to improve our customer’s knowledge of chest drainage and to improve patient outcomes. This interactive training allows us to combine lectures, scenarios and hands on device exposure (Atrium Drainage systems) to provide teaching and training strategies to assist clinicians in caring for patients with UWSD’s and becoming a resource for others in their clinical area. We rely on an experienced dedicated National Clinical Applications Team (NCAS) to deliver this course.

On completion, the participants will have a greater understanding of the physiological effects experienced by patient with an intercostal catheter and chest drainage system. They will be able to identify differences in choices of UWSD and applications whilst applying the concepts of device setup, operations and troubleshooting.

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Brisbane, Australia

Getinge Office - Experience Centre (Brisbane, QLD) 1/160 Lytton Road, Brisbane, QLD, AU