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T-DOC Select Sterile Supply Management

Traceability and sterile processing management

T-DOC Select is Getinge's CSSD traceability software suited for mid-sized hospitals. T-DOC Select helps hospitals optimize the sterile production and enables regulatory compliance for sterile reprocessing. 

T-DOC Select Instrument Counting
T-DOC Select is an easy-to-use solution that provides documentation and full traceability of surgical instruments
T-DOC Select helps hospital and department managers document and meet KPIs

Quality assurance in your sterile supply workflow

  • Full traceability and documentation
  • Accurate and consistent handling
  • Sterile workflow optimization via data insight
  • T-DOC Data Logging for full equipment utilization
  • Expands with your needs
T-DOC single instrument tracking

Full traceability and documentation

Track all actions to the patient

  • Track the instrument, its tray, reprocessing, repairs, handling, staff, surgery and patient
  • Notifications if reprocessing fails or steps are skipped
  • Quick recall in case of adverse events
T-DOC assistant by packing table

Accurate and consistent handling

Reduce risk of human errors

  • Visual handling instructions
  • Instrument count registration 
  • Packing of tray according to min. and max. content
  • Training of new staff is made easy
T-DOC data insights on dashboards

Sterile workflow optimization via data insight

Data-driven decision-making

  • Track your KPIs
  • Automatic reporting
  • Data on equipment statistics, instruments, staff, surgeries, stock, endoscopy, purchasing, costs, invoicing, etc.
T-DOC assistant scanning goods into washer

T-DOC Data Logging for full equipment utilization

Combine with T-DOC Data Logging

  • Document real-time process data
  • Know which equipment process ends next
  • On-screen overview of all reprocessing equipment status
T-DOC 2000 automation integration

Expands with your needs

T-DOC Select is easily upgraded to T-DOC 2000

  • Easy add-on of new functionality
  • Upgrade to T-DOC 2000 solution for interfacing with hospital IT systems, communication across locations, multi-site facilities, and automatic prioritization of next day needs. 
T-DOC assistant inspects instrument

Quality assurance and regulatory compliance

T-DOC enables you to meet regulatory requirements by tracking the flow through decontamination, assembly, sterilization, and the dispatch of goods. Additionally, equipment processes and instrumentation can be directly linked to patients for instant recalls and traceability. 

T-DOC assistant scans sterile good to stock

Sterile workflow optimization

T-DOC improves resource utilization when it comes to staffing, instrumentation, accurate prioritization, and processing equipment.
By providing staff instant access to valuable tools, alerts, and various reports, T-DOC improves sterile workflows in the reprocessing department. 

T-DOC assistant scans load to getinge sterilizer

An intuitive and flexible traceability solution

T-DOC is flexible and can be adapted to match your specific workflow.
T-DOC is an easy-to-use solution that assists staff with selecting what instruments and trays to use first based on expiry date. This reduces time-consuming and costly re-sterilization.


T-DOC return on investment

Return on investment

T-DOC directly impacts cost savings in the CSSD, particularly in less time spent searching for instruments and managing non-conformance. Maintenance and repairs, onboarding time for new staff members, and manual processes are likewise reduced.

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