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Because we only have one planet, it is everyone’s job to protect it. The on-going loss of our natural world is arguably the biggest issue facing the human race today. Businesses who do not find ways to function in harmony with our environment will have no place in our future society.


What does it mean for us?

Getinge takes responsibility for its role in the global society, the world’s environment, and the local communities we interact with. But it’s not just responsibility - it’s action.

We’re vigilant in ensuring the materials we use for our ecodesigns and products are ethically sourced and environmentally sound. We keep the effects of our manufacturing processes at a minimum, always seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise CO2. When we do produce waste, we make sure we dispose of it responsibly. And then we spend some time working out if there are ways to avoid producing that waste in the future.

We are all responsible.

Our policies help us by being clear what doing things right is. We can’t all walk around with them all day, but we can stop and think before we act:

  • Is there a better way of doing this?
  • Are we doing something just because it is quick and cheap, rather than right?
  • Do I really need to print this?
  • How can we push our partners to do more?

Getinge is responsible.

Our policies have clear messages everyone should know, whether you’ve read them in their entirety or not.

Getinge takes responsibility for its role in the global society, environment, local communities, and all people that we work with. Our agenda for sustainability is an essential part of our strategy to meet customer challenges and local market needs.

Corruption and bribery in all forms contradicts values of democracy, governance and laws in countries where we do business. In addition to harming the people of these countries, corruption harms our brand and reputation and breaches have significant serious legal and financial consequences for Getinge. Engaging in corrupt business practices can also have serious personal consequences.

At Getinge, the protection of all Human Rights is the highest priority. We strive to use our position of influence to promote and support Human Rights initiatives.

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