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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

Loading equipment designed with ergonomics and process considerations in mind

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications. 

Sterilizer Loading Equipment with GSS steam sterilizer for biopharmaceutical production
A man is loading the GSS Steam Sterilizer with equipment for biopharmaceutical production

Flexible loading solutions

  • Safe handling of heavy and fragile loads
  • Easy and ergonomic loading
  • Large variety of applications

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Laboratory applications

Biomedical research applications


Loading scenarios for a wide variety of goods

In the vivarium, sterilizers are typically large and pit-mounted. Getinge supports you with general purpose shelf trolleys designed for your caging system, allowing for floor level loading directly into the sterilizer. To meet the loading needs for other types of goods within the Biomedical research space, Getinge supports you with shelves, racks and trolleys. The racks are designed to accommodate several shelves at predefined levels, which allows for maximum use of chamber volume and throughput for various loads. Together with a loading trolley, the shelf rack provides an ergonomic means of loading and unloading the sterilizer.


Automated cage and bedding handling

Regular cage cleaning, sterilization, and animal bedding replacement is vital for animal welfare and contamination control in biomedical research facilities. The Getinge Automated Cage and Bedding Handling System is an automated bedding transportation solution facilitating bedding handling for laboratory animal caging systems. Industrial robots transfer dirty bedding into the vacuum handling system and place cages into the washer. After decontamination, robots refill the cages for collection and reuse. Automated solutions for bedding handling can help increase operator safety, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination of clean bedding by soiled bedding

Biopharma production applications

Load handling of components and equipment

Load handling for packaged pharmaceuticals

Rack design supports efficacy

Rack and shelf design play a key role in process efficacy and product protection. They must allow adequate and uniform flow of sterilizing media while supporting the product to prevent damage or deformation. Getinge supports you with wide variety of shelving systems, and offers test and prototyping services to assist in the design of shelving for your specific process requirements.

Automated loading solutions

In a busy production environment, transporting products to and from a sterilization chamber is a logistical challenge. Often large, heavy loads must be moved daily to maintain productivity. Yet manual handling is difficult to control according to the validated processes. Getinge supports you with automated, ergonomically friendly solutions for load handling. Conveyor systems and robotic loading play an integral part in maximizing throughput and ensuring process control.