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MAC Brain: a new monitoring tool for general anesthesia

Due to pharmacokinetics, there is a time delay in agent concentration between the end-tidal MAC and the target organ. MAC Brain, available with Flow anaesthesia machines, visualizes the difference to support better dosing and planning of agent delivery.

Potential use areas for MAC Brain

Discussions with early adopters of MAC Brain has identified the following uses:

  • Provides more information when monitoring the depth of anesthesia, especially during induction and emergence.
  • Provides additional information when the patient may be at risk of over or underdosing.

The chart illustrates what early adopters answered when asked about the benefits they experienced with MAC Brain during surgery.

Så här kontrollerar du MAC i patientens målorgan med din anestesimaskin

How MAC Brain works

The image shows the interface of the Flow-i anesthesia machine. The end-tidal MAC and MAC brain are found in the lower left corner of the screen (marked with a green frame). The interface snapshot was taken during induction, when the difference between the two values is often the highest.

MAC Brain is visualized on screen using an algorithm based on basic research and pharmacokinetic models. The option is included in the 4.7 software and is easily brought forward and removed from the menu when needed.


Start working with MAC Brain

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